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Check Out Our New and Improved Design.

By Pete on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 3:09 PM

Yes, things look different around these parts. No, nothing is wrong with your computer.

Now eight and a half months into this endeavor called Central Track, we simply wanted to update the ways in which we're offering up to readers our take on Dallas life. So we made some changes to our web design, all in an effort to improve our users' experiences here.

The most noticeable of these changes? That, while our section and main pages will continue to scroll horizontally, our stories will now read in the more traditional vertically scrolling format.

Don't get us wrong: We still believe that sidescrolling is a fun and unique way to offer coverage. Unfortunately, though, and as you may have noticed, sidescrolling pretty much jacked up the way our site looked on mobile phones.

Considering the fact that a third of our readers visit us on their phones and that our mission statement specifically addressed our desire to be a "mobile-ready" entity, we just couldn't live with that. So we compromised some in order to improve that mobile experience.

It was a fair trade, we think.

But that's not all we've done. We've also upgraded our site in other aspects.

Check us out on your tablet and you'll note that we've improved our experience there as well.

Meanwhile, those of you with bigger and higher resolution computer screens will also see that we've added a second row of featured stories to our main and section pages. (Users with smaller screens can see this effect by zooming out on our site while using certain browsers, including Firefox and Internet Explorer.) The resulting "wall of stories" makes for a pretty impressive visual, we think and, well, hope.

We've also added more links throughout the site for improved navigation. And you can now more easily sign up for our newsletter blasts, too.

Again: The aim with all of these changes is to create an improved user experience on our site.

And now we want to hear from you. Please, if you're up for it, click around and check out these updates on any and all avenues you use to visit our site. Then let us know what you think.

Questions, thoughts, comments, suggestions, concerns -- we'll gladly hear them all out.

More important: Thanks for sticking with us, everyone.

We appreciate your support more than you'll ever know.