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Things To Do On Tuesday, October 23.

Things To Do On Tuesday, October 23.

Wave Flags With K'Naan at Trees.

By Trace McCaslin on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Halloween is fast approaching, you guys. Have you even considered taking your costume out for a test run? Sure, you tried on your costume at the store before purchasing it -- and you maybe even put it on again at home to confirm your tastes. But have you really tried just getting in full Halloween duds and trekking the streets of Dallas to see how your fans (aka random street folk who have never heard of you) will react to your get-up post trick-or-treating?

Well, today is the perfect day to practice your Halloween-ing! Try dressing up and heading of to Wondercrust Movie Club's monthly bad movie night to jeer at a flop horror film while in the ruse of a French maid. Or maybe surprise other guests at the La Maison Conitreau party with your best giant crayon/sexy hamburger/flaming Big Tex costume. Or, hell, just wear it to Club Dada or Rubber Gloves and see if you can attract the attention of the band as you dance wildly while disguised as a zombie or pirate.

JEFF The Brotherhood at Club Dada
In need of a lo-fi meshing of pop- and psych-rock? Brothers and rock duo JEFF The Brotherhood will be stopping by Dada to promote their latest effort, Hypnotic Nights, tonight. Don't forget to drop by early to catch openers Low Times and Diarrhea Planet. Doors at 7 p.m.

La Maison Cointreau Pop-Up Party at Luxe Swiss Avenue Mansion
Let's jump straight to the point: Free. Open. Bar. Held at the Luxe Swiss Avenue mansion, this event, hosted by La Maison Cointreau, show cases the French orange liquor in question in the best possible way, which is to say with drinks. All you have to do is RSVP at their website. Just remember: You must be 21 or older.

Diamond Age at Rubber Gloves
Presented by I Love Math, this show featuring Diamond Age, Brainstorm, Technicolor Hearts and Goblins at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio consists of fuzzy one-man bands that are sure to evoke some kind of musical-mind journey out of listeners. Doors at 9 p.m.

Wondercrust Movie Club Presents Bloody Pit of Horror
It's bad movie night again at The Grotto! The feature this time is Bloody Pit of Horror, where folks enter an abandoned castle and a scary dude starts doing stuff. Like, real creepy stuff. The Wondercrust Movie Club will be providing free popcorn and drinks for you to enjoy as you giggle and heckle at the movie. This event starts at 9 p.m.

K'naan at Trees
Somali-Canadian rapper K'naan will be at Trees tonight to drop some rhymes for Dallas. This is an excellent opportunity to impress K'naan with that Big Bird costume you decided to test-run today (per this article's advice). Doors at 7 p.m.