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Foot Soldier.

Foot Soldier.

Dallas Man Claims Bigfoot Threw a Rock at Him in East Texas.

By Pete on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 12:42 PM

A Dallas man choosing to remain anonymous -- because, well, duh -- claims he had a run-in with Bigfoot in Shelby County along the Louisiana-Texas border. "It was like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie," he told Tyler's KLTV news in a segment that aired yesterday.

It was definitely something out of the ordinary, that's for sure. According to his account, a large rock was thrown in his direction and then, when he looked up, a whole family of the mythic beasts surrounded him -- with one even coming as close as 15 feet to his person.

But this, of course, is hardly the first supposed Bigfoot sighting in that part of the state. Back in February, we spoke with area Bigfoot expert (and Ghoultown frontman) Lyle Blackburn about this very phenomenon, which he documented in a book he recently penned.

Over the course of his research, Blackburn met "many people that have really really good sightings and that are really sincere about these," and, in his mind at least, that's turned him into a believer. He's not alone. The Bigfoot researchers in KLTV's segment seemingly indicate that they believe there might be something to this anonymous Dallasite's story, too. See the whole thing for yourself below. (Hat tip.)