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Things To Do This Weekend.

Things To Do This Weekend.

Um. Louis CK, Dude.

By Chelsea on Friday, October 19, 2012 at 7:40 AM

It's not quite Halloween yet, but this weekend has some pretty strange things going on, so I guess you can get into the spirit early. Oh, and by "get into the spirit" I mean "cause a ruckus."

Yes, this weekend, you and your friends will be infamous for the chaos that you cause -- so much so that the "Wanted" poster will return to vogue and people will comb the streets for you, Warriors-style.

Dallas ComicCon Fan Days at the Irving Convention Center

Hey, miscreants. You know the drill. Dress up in cosplay, get some autographs from cool people (this year it looks like it's most of the cast of Firefly), and probably leave your dignity at the door for the rest of the weekend.

10-Year Anniversary Party at 1919 Hemphill
This entire weekend, 1919 Hemphill will be throwing a party in celebration of their tenth year. Like most 10-year-olds, 1919 Hemphill wants to be the center of attention, so that's why they're bringing in so many bands, including Best Fwends and Pinkish Black.

Alien Ant Farm at Trees
Hey, it's that band you know from the '90s whose big hit was a cover of a Michael Jackson song! Pretty cool. I wonder if they ever found out if Annie was okay.

Lolaspalooza at Lola's Saloon
Hey, another three-day event in Fort Worth! This is a trend, you guys. Tonight, you can see Meat Puppets, Quaker City Night Hawks, Fungi Girls and more. It's like Lollapallooza but way smaller and mostly indoors and not in the Chicago-area.

Outdoor Market in Deep Ellum
Indoor markets are for squares and communists. Outdoor markets are for hardcore people who understand what it takes to shop without the protection of walls.

Wonder Pet Expo at Dallas Market Hall
Probably the greatest name for an expo ever created, the Wonder Pet Expo is sure to fill your pet with wonder! With a variety of vendors and pet-related activities (be sure to get your dog's nails done, because everyone knows that dogs love that), your pet will probably be thanking you for the rest of the year by not vomiting on your couch. Everyone wins!

The Black Dotz and Pinkish Black at the Double Wide
The Black Dotz are one of the best bands in town, thanks in no small part to frontman Wanz Dover's energetic on- and inevitably off-stage deliveries of his band's garage soul offerings. And, at this show, Dover and his band will be performing double duty; after a set from Fort Worth's Pinkish Black, Dover and the Dotz will become The Good Sons, which is their one-night-only Nick Cave tribute. Then it's back to being the Dotz to close the show.

AWOLNATION at House of Blues
It's tough to tell if AWOLNATION will actually be at the House of Blues tonight. Y'know because they might be "AWOL," in which case I give you permission to illegally download as much electronic music you can in retaliation. Yes, that was a bad joke.

45 Fest 2 at Dada
The passing of Spector 45's Frankie Campagna and Adam Carter was incredibly tragic. But they left their mark on enough people so that 45 Fest was born out of remembrance and celebration. It's a day of music, art and tribute.

Halloween Party and Costume Contest at Dolly Python
You know it's not Halloween yet, and I know it's not Halloween yet, but perhaps you can trick your body into putting on that hamburger costume 10 days early? I mean, surely you want to win a contest, yeah? No, you also don't need self-esteem.

Louis CK at the Majestic
If you're a fan of Louis CK's, I don't need to tell you to go to this show and see one of the best comedians of our time. Also, it's already sold-out, so, whatever, if you aren't a fan, you're not invited anyway.

ArtLoveMagic at South Side on Lamar
If you're down with group art, collectives and "magic," this is probably your best bet for the evening. The magic is actually the artists challenging visitors with the Magic card game (not really).

Dubbel Dutch, Prince WIlliam and Ynfynyt Scroll Loft Party
This semi-private offering is free to attend, although the location's kept secret from folks not RSVPing to the event's Facebook page. So RSVP away you guys! Then you'll know where to hear electronic dance DJs like New York's Dubbel Dutch, Dallas expat and current Los Angeles resident Prince William and Dallas' own Ynfynyt Scroll.

Madonna at American Airlines Center
It's time to Express Your Virgin Self while Vogueing on Holiday. (See what I did there?)

Texas State Veggie Fair at Reverchon Park
The State Fair has some fantastic food, so it's only fair that vegetarians and vegans get to enjoy some of that fair food action.

One-Year Anniversary Party at the Single Wide
The Double Wide's little Greenville Avenue sister turns a year old and celebrates with some DJs and promises of a surprise guest.

Matt & Kim and Oberhofer at House of Blues
You should goOOOOooooOOOOoooOOO see Oberhofer tonight! Why? Because, with a full band, Oberhofer is even more engaging than he was with his Garageband created bedroom pop! Also, Matt & Kim are delightfully charming.

Hospitality, Teen and Blackstone Rangers at Bryan Street Tavern
2012 Bro Fest veterans Hospitality returns to town for this show, which features a trio of pop-leaning indie bands worth dancing to, including Dallas' own Blackstone Rangers.

Johnny Cupcakes at We Are 1976
Because Johnny Cupcakes rules.