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Things To Do On Monday, October 15.

Things To Do On Monday, October 15.

Calling All Ninjas: Die Antwoord Performs At House Of Blues Tonight.

By Cory on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 7:40 AM

We need a vacation we keep saying just about everyone who will listen. Even if it's just the pretend kind. But even if we can't necessarily afford to take the week off we'll cure that travel bug somehow. Like with a long road trip to exotic cities like Grapevine, or the even more remote Fort Worth. We can get a taste of South Africa at that Die Antwoord show, or go the staycation route and view our own city through the eyes of a tourist on a scavenger hunt.

Die Antwoord at House of Blues
"Fuck the upperclass!" Die Antwoord sing in their single "Rich Bitch," but is it real? Their delightfully tacky, aesthetic and trashy, Afrikaan-laced lyrics are amusing, sure, but is any of it genuine? And, at the end of the day, whether you find their appropriation of style of musicians largely trapped in apartheid-created slums fascinating or utterly appalling one thing is certain: they are hard to look away from.

ACL after-party at The Where House
A little league coach once told us to stop pressing and to just let the game come to us. It didn't really help us achieve our major league aspirations, but it did save us loads of money this weekend as we opted to skip the drive south this year in order to simply let the ACL come to us. A couple of bands that played this year's festival share a bill tonight with a couple of Fort Worth favorites.

Downtown Dallas Scavenger Hunt at Union Station
Lord knows we haven't done everything there is to do in Dallas yet. Not even close. Sure we have our own little bucket list of things we're hoping to experience here, but the prospect of making a game out of it seems far more memorable/enjoyable. Discover some new places around town as part of Urban Adventure Quest's Dallas scavenger hunt.

Corn Maze at Hall's Pumpkin Farm
Growing up our moms always told us to never play with our food but somehow we're not sure if this counts. For the rest of the month Hall's Pumpkin Farm is playing host to a two acre maze cut into their corn field. They say navigating the labyrinth takes around twenty minutes during the day, and longer for those who opt to go the flashlight route after nightfall.