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Things To Do On Monday, September 24.

Things To Do On Monday, September 24.

Get Wowed By Amon Tobin.

By Cory on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Over the weekend, Dallas had its 500 Days of Summer moment. After spending the last three months bemoaning the blistering heat of its cruel mistress, Summer, it met a lovely new beau called Autumn over the weekend. The really good news? Despite the fact that it's Monday, there are still plenty of places to take your hot new date.

Singles Night at the Double Wide
Last week, Cameron Crowe's Singles turned 20. To celebrate, Mr. Rid is hosting a little get-together at the Double Wide. (OK, not really. Mr. Rid does this sort of thing all the time.) If you're considering participating in his B.Y.O.V. (bring your own vinyl) policy, this month's theme is "flesh."

The Rock and Roll Experience at UTD Galaxy Rooms
It recently came to our attention that Richardson ain't that bad. Actually, there are parts of it that are downright cool. (We're looking at you 2 Katz Live). Heck, they're so hip up there that the college in Richardson hosts lectures about rock 'n' roll. In their lecture tonight, Dr. Edward Harpham and Dr. Douglas Dow will attempt to answer the question "What are the different ways you go about getting an education in rock 'n' roll?"

Amon Tobin at Palladium Ballroom
Though he's released seven studio albums, the real bread and butter of producer sound designer Amon Tobin's music seems to be his work soundtracking films and videogames. Rightly so: Tobin's music is infinitely more effective when paired with striking visuals. The current setup for his ISAM tour is breathtaking to say the least.

Half-price pizza at State and Allen Lounge
It doesn't always have to cost an arm and a leg to take your Uptown girl out to dinner. Tonight, the pizza over at State and Allen Lounge is offered up at half-price. If only Billy Joel had known.