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Things To Do On Thursday, September 20th.

Things To Do On Thursday, September 20th.

Chill With Houston Legend Scarface. For Free!

By Trace McCaslin on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Today, you have your pick of Texas acts (local and otherwise) that you can watch perform. Maybe that means the pop sounds over today's AT&T Patio Session. Or maybe it means some rappers at the Palladium. Or, perhaps, some noise rock jams over at Hemphill 1919. Or you could not go to a music show and indulge in the arts and fashion. Good news: That's happening today as well! The possibilities are endless! Almost.

The Cush & Spookeasy At AT&T Patio Sessions
Head out from 5:30 to 7:30 this evening for a free performance by native North Texan outfits The Cush and Spookeasy, who'll provide two hours of delightful indie rock and pop -- and possibly tweed coats.

No Babies, Innards and Bludded Head At 1919 Hemphill
Noisy no-wave bands (including Denton's own Bludded Head) will be appearing at 1919 Hemphill tonight for a performance consisting of (but not limited to) saxophones, crazy rhythms, noise and a possible vase smashing competition by patrons.

Scarface at Palladium Ballroom
Turns out he didn't die in the movie! Wait, no. Wrong Scarface. Also: Belated spoiler alert! Tonight's free event at the Palladium actually features the Houston-based rapper, not the character popularized by Al Pacino. The whole thing starts at 7 p.m. and also features Digital underground's G-Shock Shock-G. And more!

Station's What to Wear Fashion Show at Mockingbird Station
A fall-themed fashion runway event comes to Mockingbird Station at just the right time, since none of us can figure out what scarves go with what heels. Hosted by the Junior League of Dallas, this evening's festivities run from 6 to 8 and feature a panel of style experts ready to deliver comments on what styles stand out on the runway. Go for the promise of superior knowledge on what's hot or not. Or go for the fact that there will be free refreshments and snacks, along with goody-bags and music to boot.

"I Can See Myself" Collection of Self-Portraits By Texas Artists At Kettle Art
If you're looking for more impressive portraiture than that crayon scribble your little sister made of you and what appears to be a dog, maybe you should check out Kettle Art's "I Can See Myself" event from 7 to 10 tonight. The event, to be curated by Corey Godfrey and Erica Felicella, features a large handful of local artists' work (specifically self-portraits) created especially for this night.