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Things To Do on Wednesday, September 19.

Things To Do on Wednesday, September 19.

Get Retro With The Walkmen!

By Chelsea on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 7:40 AM

It's Wednesday! Have you made any "Hump Day" jokes yet? What about Humpty Dumpty jokes? That egg sure was dumb, sitting on a wall like that. Not even the king's horses could put him back together, which is weird, because horses are known for their puzzle-solving skills.

If only Humpty Dumpty had more cool things to occupy his time other than "wall sitting." It's like your mother said: "If you sit on a wall, you will break into a billion pieces and children will mockingly recite nursery rhymes about you."

The point is, stay away from walls.

Instead, why don't you go and see one of the great shows that are going on tonight?

The Walkmen at Granada Theater
The Walkmen will always be the perfect band to listen to while taking a long, introspective road trip. Perhaps the show tonight will inspire you to do so, preferably traveling out to the desolate Midwest while smoking clove cigarettes and writing love letters to your middle school beau.

Owl City at House of Blues
When he's not busy getting 1,000 hugs by 10,000 lightning bugs (which means that, essentially, 9,000 lightning bugs refused to hug him), Owl City is perfecting his Postal Service imitation. Are his bleep bloop noises worthy of the comparison? Did lightning bugs really teach him to dance, resulting in a jilted, awkward arm flapping movement? Find out tonight!

OFF! at Trees
OFF! started out as a simple insect repellent, but later on it joined ranks with Black Flag's Keith Morris, Burning Brides' Dimitri Coats, Red Kross' Steven Shane McDonald and Hot Snakes' Mario Rubalcalba to form the perfect West Coast hardcore punk group. Eventually, the insect repellent was kicked out of the band, due to unpleasant odor.

End of Summer Sideshow at Where House
"But good madam," you say as you spit out the straw of your Kool-Aid Hawaiian Punch, "surely sideshows are a thing of the past!" Wrong! Sideshows will never die, much like the cultural relevance of Mighty Ducks 2. Music by Collective Dreams and Cerebral Chauffers will make this house party extra-hallucinatory.

Citizen Cope at AT & T Performing Arts Center
When he was a young child, Clarence Greenwood discovered that he was a good citizen by performing regular old acts like walking old ladies across the street and recycling his bottles of Diet Mountain Dew. Thus, as this child grew up and became a producer, Citizen Cope was born. Mixing blues, funk, soul and rock, Citizen Cope is the eclectic musician that America needs. But is he the one America deserves? Paris Fashion Trunk Show
Somebody tell that they missed Paris by 5,000 miles and ended up in Dallas! Or don't and just head to this event, which promises exclusive luxury treasures that the French have kept secretly buried under the Eiffel Tower for decades until some cunning fashionista unveiled them by using her stilettos as a makeshift shovel. Proceeds go to the Goss-Michael Foundation.