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Things To Do This Week.

Things To Do This Week.

Get The Jump On Your 9/16 - 9/22 Plans.

By Cory on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 1:35 PM

The Ides of September (that's totally a real thing, right?) came and went, and, once again, we somehow managed to avoid a Caesar-like stabbing. Better yet, it looks as if we've dodged all the bad luck and chaos that the March edition typically brings. And even welcomed in a cold front! So, all in all, we'd say things are looking up lately. Try to keep that in mind as you begin planning out your week.

Sunday (9.16)
Ormonde at Dan's Silverleaf
Robert Gomez's latest project drops its debut release tonight.

ROUSTABOUT at Webb Gallery
New works by Tom Burleson, Jackie Dunn Smith, Uncle Pete Drgac and Ralph Puga.

Monday (9.17)
Occupy S#17 at Kitchen Dog Theater
Has it really been a year since folks began occupying things?

Fishboy, New Science Projects, James Rabbit and Iji at Macaroni Island
Help Gutterth's founder christen Denton's newest house venue.

Tuesday (9.18)
Down at Trees
They say bad guys wear black...

Oktoberfest kickoff at Old Monk
This sucker kicks off with a ceremonial Mike Rhyner keg stand.

Trunk Club Party at Village Marquee Grill and Bar
Kyle Orton and Mike Modano are hosting this deal.

Wednesday (9.19)
The Walkmen at Granada Theater
It's just like "Heaven."

Thursday (9.20)
I Can See Myself at Kettle Art Gallery
Only true if you're one of the Texas artists whose self-portraits will be on display.

The Cush and Spookeasy at AT&T Performing Arts Center
The first patio session of hoodie season.

Friday (9.21)
National Park(ing) Day
In which miniature "parks" will be erected all over town for the day.

Beach House at Palladium Ballroom
Fulfill your teen dreams.

Saturday (9.22)
Art Uprising at West Village
A dozen local bands kick off two days of outdoor music.

Sweet Hangs party at Doc's Records
Eight bands will try to recapture the magic of Record Store Day five months later.