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Things To Do On Thursday, September 13.

Things To Do On Thursday, September 13.

Make LIFE In Deep Ellum Your Vinyl Destination.

By Cory on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Vinyl is supposed to be dead. The popularity of cheap and portable cassette tapes in the '80s was supposed to have singlehandedly crippled the entire medium. But here we are tonight with two events centered around it. Celebrate the material's flexibility and resilience tonight at a vinyl toy exhibition in Deep Ellum or at a vinyl record's release down on Greenville Avenue. Also on the menu for tonight? A mobile food court and dance party on a lighted floor.

PVC Street Gang at Good Records
Hard-rocking local post-punk trio PVC Street Gang are releasing their latest seven-inch tonight live from Good Record's AstroTurf-covered stage. Helping them celebrate their new release are Denton post-rockers Curvette. Show starts at 7 p.m.

Vinyl Thoughts 3 at LIFE in Deep Ellum
Back in March, Shelby Miller, curator of the Vinyl Thoughts custom vinyl toy exhibition, told us the then-upcoming second exhibition would be taking things to the next level. And he wasn't just referring to the show's video game theme. As popular as the initial show at Quixotic world was, Vinyl Thoughts 2 proved even more popular than anticipated. We're expecting tonight's third, Drawn Together-themed show to be even bigger than the previous incarnations, as they're moving to the even larger LIFE in Deep Ellum venue this time around.

Queen at It'll Do Club
The last few weeks have, if nothing else, proven It'll Do Club's initial proclamation that its new Queen nights would be "the beginning of a revolution in bringing back the diversity in the gay music scene." This week, transgendered nightlife and fashion icon (and muse to David LaChapelle) Amanda Lepore will appear along with frequent collaborator, LGBT rapper Cazwell.

The Parking Lot at Sprouts
Tonight, find a whole mess of food trucks in one place at the Spouts food market on 1800 Henderson Avenue from 6 - 8 p.m.

Twin Shadow at Trees
While riding his motorcycle in Los Angeles George Lewis Jr. began to wonder if the world really needed Twin Shadow. Thinking back to how close he came to meeting his end after a wreck he had on a bike several years earlier he decided to push himself to create music that would outlast him. With his latest album Confess finds the artist firmly asserting that the world does, in fact, need him around.