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Things To Do on Wednesday, September 12.

Things To Do on Wednesday, September 12.

Release Niki & The Dove!

By Chelsea on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 10:43 AM

There's a lot going on this weekend, but why not get things started early? There's at least one really good reason: Oktoberfest kicks off at Blackfriar Pub tonight, which means you can start drinking now (if you were waiting for me to give you an excuse). Also, Swedish group Niki & The Dove will be playing at Good Records, while Australia's Missy Higgins is at Granada.

Oktoberfest Kickoff at Blackfriar Pub
As part of a giant conspiracy created just to confuse me about what month it is, Oktoberfest is kicking off at Blackfriar Pub! Today. In September. A 200-year-old cask will be in attendance, as well as a bunch of people who have waited 200 years to drink out of that cask, defying death and the entire aging process.

Niki & The Dove at Good Records
Before they hit Trees with Twin Shadow tomorrow, Niki & the Dove will be bringing their catchy electropop tunes to Good Records today. Hopefully, after their performance, the band will literally release doves into a stunned and adoring audience.

Open Mic Wednesdays at House of Blues
The best place to find great talent is usually not at open mic night. But that's sort of the point. I mean, if you wanted to see a professional, surely you could shell out $15 for a good show. Just because it might not be good, though, doesn't mean that it won't be memorable.

Missy Higgins at Granada
Did you know that Missy Higgins used to tour with Gotye? She sang the Kimbra part on "Somebody that I Used to Know" while out on the road with him, which just proves that Australians have to stick together. Y'know, when they're not chasing kangaroos and throwing boomerangs.

Half-Priced Wings at Lee Harvey's
If you suddenly feel the urge to eat wings, go to Lee Harvey's tonight! Then you can high-five yourself for saving money!