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Things To Do On Tuesday, September 11.

Things To Do On Tuesday, September 11.

Raise a Glass with Ben Nichols at The Loft.

By Cory on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 7:40 AM

We thought last week's Labor Day holiday was such a good idea, we decided to take yesterday off again this week. Three-day weekends really are awesome! As an added bonus, we've recently discovered, there's plenty out there to help cure our "case of the Tuesdays." For instance? Rock shows! Comedy tours! Half-price food! Suck it, Monday.

Ben Nichols and Mike Herrera at The Loft
Because of his work with the pseudo-Christian punk band MxPx and the fact that he also, occasionally, enjoys drinking alcohol, Mike Herrera's supposed hypocrisy has been talked about for most of his career. On the other hand, Ben Nichols of Lucero makes no bones about his love for the bottle in his repertoire of whiskey-soaked tunes. Both frontmen play solo sets tonight at The Loft.

The Retox Comedy Tour at Amsterdam Bar
If Mondays are for detoxing, then Tuesdays are definitely made for re-toxing. Good thing, then, that tonight's performance by Denver, San Francisco and Chicago-based comedians takes place at a bar. Good thing, also, that Amsterdam is serving up happy hour prices tonight from 2 to 7 p.m.

Sutekh Hexen at Rubber Gloves
Though it requires a bit of a trek on the oft-maligned I-35, Denton has a knack for putting on really compelling and challenging bills even on nights that are typically slow in most other cities. Occult experimental trio Sutekh Hexen headline such a bill tonight at Rubber Gloves with a lineup rounded out by likeminded heavy/avant locals Pinkish Black, Dead to a Dying World, Terminator 2 and Filth.

Buy one entree get one free at AllGood Cafe
Whether you're looking for a cheap place to take a date, or just somewhere reasonable to train for an upcoming competitive eating competition, AllGood is the place tonight. Sure their chicken-fried steak entree is more than enough on its own, but tonight they'll throw in a second one for your significant other (or to just help further stretch out your champion gut) for free.