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Things To Do On Tuesday, September 4.

Things To Do On Tuesday, September 4.

Let Wet Nurse Take Care of You Tonight.

By Cory on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 7:40 AM

To quote an overused expression, we're going to need a weekend to recover from this past weekend. The good news is that the next weekend is only four days away! In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to distract yourself until that time gets here.

Tuesday Night Record Club at Texas Theatre
There's a lot going on at the Texas Theatre tonight. Aside from their typical Tuesday Night Record Club, they'll also be screening two rock docs at 7 p.m. and hosting their longtime bad movie staple Tuesday Night Trash at 9 p.m. This week's TNT will be showing Massacre at Central High to keep those good back-to-school vibes going.

Wet Nurse at 1919 Hemphill
While the trio of Floridian punks in Wet Nurse like to embrace their Riot Grrrl-inspired sound, they do so without ever relying on gimmicks or lyrics that are overly schticky. On the other hand, the opening band, Fort Worth's Bitch Bricks, has songs with titles like "This Song is the Tits" and "Nice Shoes (Wanna Fuck?)." Denton's Deep Snapper perform as well.

Open Mic Night at Dallas Comedy House
Three-day weekends are great and all while they're happening, but then Tuesday inevitably rolls around and we realize how much extra money we spent given our bonus night of partying. Good thing, then, that hanging out at the Dallas Comedy House and watching amateur comics hone their craft is always free on Tuesday nights.

Tequila Tuesday at Komali
It's hard to justify dropping more than a ten spot on a drink -- even ones that have been voted the best margarita in town. Fortunately, Komali's award-winning tamarind 'rita and all of their other tequila-based specialty drinks are half-price tonight.