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Sign Language.

Sign Language.

Highlighting Some of Dallas' Best Business Signs.

By Brittany on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Dallas boasts a fairly nasty reputation for demolishing the old and replacing it with the bright-and-shiny new -- and rightfully so, if we're being honest.

But, in driving around the city of late, we've noticed that more than a few delightful relics of Dallas' past still hanging around in the form of old business signs.

Seriously, Dallas really has some cool signs from the days of yore.

So, to celebrate these landmarks, we've put together a photo essay of some of the signs we appreciate most. Check them out and join us in acknowledging that they just don't make em' like they they used to. Because they really don't.

Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts in West Dallas off Fort Worth Avenue.

White Rock Garage in East Dallas of East Grand Avenue.

Sigels Liquor in North Dallas off Inwood Road.

Sunshine Flowers near Knox-Henderson on Monticello Avenue.
Steinway Hall Pianos at 75 and McCommas Boulevard.

The Shoemaker in Richardson off 75 and Main Street.


Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff on Jefferson Boulevard.

Pachitas Restaurant in Oak Cliff on Jefferson Boulevard.

River Liquor, just south of Downtown, on Cadiz Street.

Like Nu Auto Paint Works in New East Elm on Columbia Avenue..

Cole Manor Motel in North Dallas off Harry Hines Boulevard.

Anchor Motel in North Dallas off Harry Hines Boulevard.