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Things To Do This Weekend

Things To Do This Weekend

Go See The Black Lips at The Hot Wet Mess! (Then Shower!)

By Chelsea on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Hello weekenders! Are you excited that it's weekend time? You should be!

The people behind 35 Denton, the four-day festival in March, are putting on one hell of a show this weekend. The so-titled Hot Wet Mess on Saturday will feature a water slide, skateboard exhibitions, wrestling matches, the sun and more bands than you can shake a fist at (assuming you can't shake a fist at more than 6 bands).

Before that, on Friday, there are plenty of shows to choose from, including Ishi at the Wild Rooster, Natural Child at Rubber Gloves and Sealion, War Party, and RTB2 at The Double Wide. You can also nerd out at Animefest or craft out at the Dallas Handmade Art Gallery.

Also, Sunday is sort of a Saturday this week, what with Labor Day being on Monday. So why not go to a bar and act like a redneck? Specifically, I'm talking about going to Bryan Street Tavern for their White Trash Bash. Be sure to bring all of your teeth!

Ishi at Wild Rooster
One of Dallas' favorite bands to boogie to will be making their way to Fort Worth tonight. Bass Drum and Ice Eater will be opening.

Natural Child at Rubber Gloves
Hey, remember how last time Natural Child was here, they played so hard that the roof of City Tavern caught on fire? OK, that's probably not why it caught on fire, but, nonetheless, they rock.

Sealion, War Party, RTB2 at Double Wide
Sealion and War Party are about to head out on tour, so you might not see them for a while. Now's a good time to say goodbye! Do it after watching this ridiculous video the bands made and wondering why do the members of War Party seem like they're auditioning for West Side Story? If that's not enough for you, this show marks the release of RTB2's new album.

Animefest at Sheraton Hotel
Animefest is here! That means that fans of anime will get together and ogle disproportionate drawings of the human form (it bugs me, sorry). Fans of giant heads and eyeballs can gather to look at the people who draw the giant heads and eyeballs, and maybe get that person to sign a picture of a giant eyeball.

Dallas Handmade Arts Market Grand Opening
Slightly more popular than the Dallas Footmade Arts Gallery (which is really just a bunch of brightly colored footprints), the Dallas Handmade Arts Gallery will be opening for the month of September! As part of their grand opening, there will be complimentary beer, wine and live music. On top of that, you can shop the local vendors for handmade artwork.

Hot Wet Mess
Since the sun and the water slide account for the "hot" and "wet" portions of the event, what is the mess? Do I want to know? Is it feces? I'm a little scared to find out. But I'm also a little excited, as the people behind 35 Denton will be putting on this summer mini-festival, with a lineup including The Black Lips. No Age, Reggie Watts, Big Freedia, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Fergus & Geronimo, RTB2 and DJ Sober. Wear sunscreen!

The Chloes Album Release at La Grange
Dallas pop-rock group The Chloes will be releasing their first album, Vanish, at this show. Joining them on the bill are The Blackstone Rangers and Oklahoma City's The Gentle Art of Floating.

Unofficial Hot Wet Mess After Party at Rubber Gloves
After the Hot Wet Mess -- and after a shower, hopefully -- you can hit up Rubber Gloves for Fungi Girls, Sealion, War Party and Doom Ghost. By the looks of the lineup, I imagine things will only get messier.

Gucci Mane at Palladium
When he's not getting arrested, Gucci Mane makes music! It's more of a side job, really. It's a wonder he has a time to make all of those mixtapes. Last I counted, the rapper has 28.

Gong Show at The Free Man
Remember the Gong Show, where contestants wooed the judges until they gonged them? Play that at tonight's charity benefit, but without the humiliation of being on TV.

Bryan Street Tavern White Trash Bash
Hey, now this is my kind of party! (Sorry, mom!) I was just thinking to myself the other day: Wouldn't it be nice if I could arm wrestle while eating Vienna sausages while watching chicken-shit bingo? Now I can! Also, there will also be an above ground pool and probably some mullets.

The Double Wide's Labor Day Bash with Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Dead Flowers and Broken Gold
What? A second chance to play chicken-shit bingo this weekend? Have I died and gone to heaven?