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Things To Do On Thursday, August 30.

Things To Do On Thursday, August 30.

Be a Queen for a Night.

By Cory on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight's a pretty good one if you're an outcast looking for a temporary niche to fit into. Whether you want to be a punk rocker, a singing Nazi, an Australian outlaw or a drag queen, there's a place for you to get your ya-yas out tonight.

The Producers at Kalita Humphrey's Theater
The Uptown Players are currently smack dab in the middle of their three-week run of our third-favorite Hitler-based play about a play. And because While Hitler's Away the German Workers Party and Mein Camp: A Vaudevillian Extravaganza! aren't currently on tour, tonight's performance of The Producers appears to be our only opportunity for a lighthearted Nazi-filled romp for the foreseeable future.

Mind Spiders at Rubber Gloves
Born from the ashes of seminal Denton punk outfit Marked Men, Mind Spiders maintain a rather consistent cache of buzz by keeping their list of upcoming live shows fairly selective. Their sci-fi influenced, Kraut rock-inspired, double drummer-boasting buzz saw tops off a pretty heady all -ocal lineup in Denton tonight.

Reckless Kelly at Granada Theater
Ned "Reckless" Kelly is Australia's version of Robin Hood and was later the subject of a '93 film from Yahoo Serious, who is basically like Australia's version of Paulie Shore. Austin alt-country outfit Reckless Kelly also adopted the moniker. On this Granada bill, the band is joined by revered locals King Bucks and Collin Herring.

Klever at Rio Room
One could argue that replacing the letter "c" with a "k" in the word "clever" hasn't been all that clever a move since the '90s, but that's neither here nor there, as DJ Klever, born Josh Winkler, is known around the world as a top-notch turntablist and a a fine selector, too. Expect him to dabble in both of those realms in his return to Rio Room tonight. Per usual with Rio's still-popular Thursday night offerings, it's free to get into this event, but you're allowed to RSVP a table if you really want to drop some dough just 'cause.

Queen at It'll Do with Sharon Needles
The supposed reigning Princess of PBR and Queen of all things Drag will be in the house at It'll Do tonight. You may know Sharon Needles as the season four winner of RuPaul's Drag Race. According to several websites, she used her prize money to buy a hearse.