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Remembering The Lives Of Frankenflops, QR Codes, Can You Mail It, Derp and Duck Face.

By Cory on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 3:14 PM

Each week, dozens of memes, trends and pop culture items die quiet, unceremonious deaths. We'd like to publicly give these dead trends the proper memorials they deserve. Then, we kindly request that we never speak of them again.

Derp joined his twin brother Herp in death on August 28, 2012. He was born on July 31, 1998 to NBL founders Joe Cooper and Doug Remer. Despite his lineage, Derp was not himself very athletic. After failing to graduate high school, Derp settled on a career in modeling, posing for several Rage Comics. It was while working in this field that he met his wife, You're a Wizard, Harry! Derp is preceded in death by his grandfather Duh, his grandmother No Doy and his aunt Ermahgerd Girl. He is survived by a son, Are You a Wizard? The family would like to point out that the memorial service originally planned for a quarter till 7 on August 31 has been moved to 6:45.

Frankenflops, a loving and supportive daughter, fell into eternal rest on August 26, 2012, after taking a trip over the weekend. She was born in 1997 to parents Tiddies and Disco Shoes. A high-minded and encouraging individual, she will be remembered by the dozens of soles she encouraged to come out of the closet during her time on earth. She is preceded in death by her sisters, Platform Sneakers and Sketchers Shape Ups, and her parents.

QR Codes
QR Codes, 18, checked out August 24, 2012. Born in Kariya, Japan, he met his wife, Smartphone, in 2008 while working at his job directing traffic. QR Codes is preceded in death by his father, CueCat, and mother, Web 2.0. He is survived by his grandfather, UPC Codes, and mother, URLs. Scan the black box at the end of this announcement for more information about the memorial service.

Duck Face
Duck Face, 6, got her wings on August 25, 2012. A social butterfly and strong proponent of the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words," she managed a successful online dating service up until the time of her passing. Her own online dating success story encouraged her many clients. The dating methods she encouraged were not without controversy, as some dubbed her extreme lip pursing tactics as deceitful. Duck Face is preceded in death by her grandmother Friendster Lips, her father Blue Steel and her mother MySpace Face. She is survived by her daughters Sarcastic Sneer and Sexy Lazy Eyes.

Can You Mail It?
Born May 21, 2012, Can You Mail It? departed this life on August 27, 2012. An avid traveler and prankster, Can You Mail It? was generally well-liked, though not always completely understood. Can You Mail It? was preceded in death by Sam Merten's Sports Column and Blake Panter's Fancy Drinks. He is survived by Ask a Narcissist, Your Weekly Horoscope and D-Rated. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you send the most ridiculous objects you can think of, preferably unwrapped.