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Things To Do On Tuesday, August 28.

Things To Do On Tuesday, August 28.

Lightning Bolt Strike A Chord At Sons Of Hermann Hall.

By Cory on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Is it just a weird coincidence that Tuesday is not only the second day of the work week, but the beginning of the word sounds phonetically like the word two? We like to think not. It makes tonight's offerings more easily comprehensible at least -- like the fact that there are two great Parade of Flesh shows tonight to choose from (one of which is headlined by a two-piece band), two bad movie nights to decide between, and of course, as far as BDSM is concerned, it definitely takes two to tango (if you catch our drift).

Wondercrust presents: Cosmos: War of the Planets! at the Grotto
The Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club, Fort Worth's answer to Dallas' Tuesday Night Trash, will screen tonight a film Howard Hughes once called "the most consistent Italian sci-fi movie" because the script, acting, special effects, costumes and music were all equally terrible.

Tuesday Night Trash: Alabama's Ghost at Texas Theatre
Screening a psychedelic '70s blaxploitation horror flick is one way to show you're still the number one B-movie night in the Metroplex. This one's so bad, the folks at Texas Theatre claim that, despite the showing being free, many attendees will feel ripped off nonetheless.

Wild Nothing and Lonesome Ghost at Dada
Though not typically known for being one of the busiest nights of the week, Parade of Flesh is doing its part to change things by offering two different shows tonight. And the dream-pop offerings of Wild Nothing at Dada and that head-rattling affair going on over at Sons couldn't be more different.

Lightning Bolt, Wiccans and Drug Mountain at Sons of Hermann Hall
The frenetic noise-rock of Lightning Bolt is as aggressive and unpredictable as its namesake. They're known for their spontaneous performances on the floor in front of the stages in the venues they're playing. But if they do this most of the time, does that still make it spontaneous? We're not sure. But, either way, if they read this and then decide not to play on the floor, don't blame us, OK? Please?

50 Shades of Domination presentation at Grover's Grill and Bar
After Fifty Shades of Grey's mildly controversial BDSM scenes became one of the biggest talking points of last winter, fans of the novel began referencing the sex lives of all those prudes who aren't so into being bound or dominated as "vanilla." After researching the topic for the past 36 years, lecturer Michael Standridge has discovered that those into what he terms the "non-vanilla lifestyle" also tend to "dance to the beat of a different drummer." These are just some of the findings Standridge will discuss during tonight's presentation.