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Things To Do On Thursday, August 23.

Things To Do On Thursday, August 23.

Tale a Peak Behind The Curtain at the Texas Theatre.

By Cory on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 8:00 AM

We're a week removed from Dallas beginning its aerial spraying against mosquitoes -- all in an effort to end the city's current state of emergency.

Coincidentally, that's the exact length of gestation time humans exposed to the chemicals have before turning into zombie-like West Nile Monsters.

If you choose to go out tonight, beware: There is almost no way to tell the difference between regular humans and these WNMs. Just to be safe, you'll have to assume everybody you see is infected. Treat them as such.

The only known WNM repellent seems to be to wear clear baggies of water around your neck, although nobody is still quite sure why this seems to be effective. Other known, but unverified, repellents include 35mm prints of classic films, tacos, bicycle spokes and frozen YooHoo.

You have been warned.

Premium Rush bike ride
Stop by either Switching Gears Cyclery or Transit Bikes sometime today to pick up a complimentary ticket to a screening of the movie Premium Rush. Then, meet up at Mockingbird Station at 6:30 and ride your bike with your fellow two-wheeled compatriots to the AMC Northpark. It'll be kind of like that time you Tokyo-drifted all the way to Studio Movie Grill on your way to see The Fast and the Furious.

Wizard of Oz 35mm print at Texas Theatre
We're off to see the biggest flop of 1939! It's weird to think that, at $2,000,000.00, The Wizard of Oz was the most expensive movie that MGM had made up until that point. What's even harder to grasp is that the film, now considered one of the all-time greats, wasn't successful at the box office during its initial run.

Complimentary taco bar at The Mucky Duck
If our high school economics teacher taught us nothing else, she made sure we left her class with the phrase "There's no such thing as a free lunch!" ingrained into our skulls. But she didn't ever say anything about dinner. So we guess she must've been familiar with The Mucky Duck's Thursday night offerings. As long as you're ordering drinks tonight, you can enjoy their taco bar at no additional cost.

Good Luck Karaoke at Double Wide
DJs Josh Hammertimez and Oliver Peck have built such a dedicated following for their weekly, themed karaoke events that even aircrafts buzzing over the Double Wide last week spraying pesticides didn't keep the bar's patio from being full all night.