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Things To Do on Wednesday, August 22.

Things To Do on Wednesday, August 22.

The Moon Nazis Are Coming!

By Chelsea on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:40 AM

It's the middle of the week, which means it's time for "Mid-week Madness!" That may sound like a sport, but Mid-week Madness is actually when your brain gets all PO'd about having to work and then you start to go the way of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. WebMD says the only cure for Mid-week Madness is a healthy game of laser-tag, but, if you can't do that, then I have a whole day's worth of suggestions of other events!

Iron Sky at the Texas Theater
OK. So, after losing WWII in 1945, the Nazis are all like "Auf Wiedersehen!" and then they pack up all of their propaganda posters and head to the moon, where they will return in 2018 to take over the world (or as the Nazis call it, "Plan A"). This futuristic nightmare is the plot of the science fiction comedy, Iron Sky, and it's only playing tonight at the Texas Theater. So jump to it, I guess?

Swing Dancing at Sons of Hermann Hall
Someday, probably 10 years from now, a movie will be made out of the real-life story of a kid who, having lost his family in a tragic speed boating accident, took up swing dancing at the urging of his plucky female friend. From there, this kid will go on to become the number one swing dancer in all of the land, posing for press photos on top of swing sets (because why not?), and achieving all of his dance-related dreams. He even gets to meet Kevin Bacon. (Semi-related: Sons of Hermann Hall is hosting swing dancing today!)

Food Truck Experience at Sigel's
One time, I tried to invent "Food Bicycles," but all of the freeze pops I put in the basket melted and I didn't have anywhere to plug in the microwave, so I had to sell Lukewarm Pockets. Anyways, great idea-havers Cajun Tailgators, Little Vessel Grill, Texas Delizioso, Four Seasons, Rockstar Bakes and CFI will all be outside of Sigel's today.

Ottmar Lietbert at Granada Theater
Ottmar Lietbert has been nominated five times for a Grammy, and once for the Most Awesome Name Award (he narrowly lost out to Engelbert Humperdinck). Probably to console himself for only having the second most awesome name, the "new flamenco" musician has recorded over 30 albums, receiving no less than 38 gold and platinum certifications in the United States alone. Take that, Humperdinck!