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True To Your School.

True To Your School.

The Princeton Review Thinks North Texas Colleges Are Great! Also, Terrible.

By Pete on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 2:11 PM

Here's something of a shocker, perhaps: You won't find the University of North Texas listed in the Top 20 of any of the 62 various lists the Princeton Review released yesterday in their annual college rankings release.

Same goes for all of the region's public universities, actually.

But, as it turns out, that might just be for the best, as the three North Texas schools you will find throughout these lists don't exactly come out looking that great.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Southern Methodist University, which last year found itself ranked as the 12th most LGBT-unfriendly school in America, has rebounded quite nicely in 2012.

They've completely dropped off of that list (the University of Dallas should be so lucky, but more on that in a minute), and scored quite nicely elsewhere, most notably in the accessible professor (No. 2), career services (No. 7) and happiest student (No. 15) categories.

Texas Christian University has its moments, too, as its dorms (No. 15) and athletic facilities (No. 14) each rank well. Unfortunately, TCU also ranks highly in a rather unseemly category, coming in at No. 14 on the Little Race/Class Interaction list.

But, that smudge aside, TCU comes off looking quite grand in comparison to the Irving's Catholic-inclined University of Dallas, which, in addition to coming in at No. 15 on the Little Race/Class Interaction list, also gets slammed as the 15th-most LGBT-unfriendly school around. And that's just on the social front. The school is also blasted for its ugly campus (No. 5) and inadequate library facilities (No. 5), which might explain why its study-abroad program is so popular (No. 9), don't you think?

Want to cringe some more at the expense of our regional universities? Keep scrolling to to check out SMU, TCU and UD's complete ranking positions in this year's lists.

Southern Methodist University
No. 2 --Most Accessible Professors
No. 7 -- Best Career Services
No. 10 -- Best Athletic Facilities
No. 12 -- Lots of Greek Life
No. 15 -- College City Gets High Marks
No. 15 -- Happiest Students
No. 17 -- Most Conservative Students

Texas Christian University
No. 4 -- Lots of Greek Life
No. 14 -- Little Race/Class Interaction
No. 14 -- Best Athletic Facilities
No. 15 -- Best College Dorms

University of Dallas
No. 5 -- Least Beautiful Campus
No. 5 -- Most Conservative Students
No. 5 -- This is a Library?
No. 5 -- Most Religious Students
No. 8 -- Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
No. 9 -- Most Popular Study Abroad Program
No. 15 -- Little Race/Class Interaction
No. 15 -- LGBT-Unfriendly
No. 20 -- Don't Inhale