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Things To Do on Thursday, August 16.

Things To Do on Thursday, August 16.

Take a Trip to Fang Island at Club Dada.

By Chelsea on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight's a pretty good night for choices, since all of the events lined up are in a different vein of entertainment. Are you a fan of old science fiction movies? Then check out Logan's Run at the Dallas Museum of Art! Are you in need of expanding your denim jacket collection? Urban Outfitters is having a denim party! Are you wanting to impress your more cultured friend by taking them to a musical? Chicago is playing at the AT&T Performing Arts Center tonight!

See? Lots of choices!

Fang Island at Dada
Fang Island is an indie rock band originally from the less popular Island called "Rhode." After moving to New York, the group has churned out two albums filled with catchy pop tunes and almost no bite. (Maybe the fangs are imaginary?)

Logan's Run at the Dallas Museum of Art
Although the 1976 film Logan's Run has some pretty dramatic (and not incredibly well-received) differences from the acclaimed science fiction novel that it was adapted from, the film still pops up every now and then to remind people that it still exists.This is the movie that asks its audience: What would the world be like if, due to population control, you were killed automatically at the age of 30?

Urban Outfitters Denim Party
Remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were dating, and they stepped out for an award show wearing matching denim outfits? Those were the days! If those two crazy kids are still your style icons, then you'll probably find yourself at the Urban Outfitter's Denim Party, which is alternatively titled "Corduroy is for Babies." There will be a denim sale, and Central Track's own Taylor Cleveland will be DJing.

Raw Dallas Presents: Radiate at Texas Theater
With visual art, live music, fashion and a showing of the short film Duck Soup, Radiate is a hodgepodge of all sorts of different artsy endeavors. The dress code is "Cocktail Attire," so dress like you're already sloshed.

Chicago at AT&T Performing Arts Center
Ah, Chicago, that great musical where the women are killers and they're not sorry about it, thank you very much. Those men, they had it coming, with their loud bubble gum chewing and their pleated trousers. Jerks, all of them! If a murder trial is your song and dance, then you'll probably enjoy seeing the live version of this show.