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Things To Do On Wednesday, August 15.

Things To Do On Wednesday, August 15.

Oh, Yeah! Kool A.D.'s In The House!

By Cory on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Hey, lookie here: It's the 15th again. Happy payday, everybody!

Now that you have the funds once again, let's go celebrate by prematurely squandering a little more of next month's rent than any of us originally planned!

It shouldn't be too hard to find places to do that tonight. Half of Das Racist is in town tonight performing some of new solo material. Jessica Lea Mayfield and Langhorne Slim are in town, too. And, in other parts of the city, there will be opportunities to take in some "extreme" wrestling festivities.

When you're out tonight, though, try to remember you've got to make that paycheck last a whole two weeks, OK? OK.

Extreme Midget Wrestling at House of Blues
With his showcasing of the General Tom Thumb in the late 1800s, P.T. Barnum helped to bring the phrase "midget" into popular lexicon. Over time, however, the term began to take on a more derogatory nature, with a connotation often implying a certain level of public ridicule. About the only place you'll ever hear the term today is when an "extreme" level of exploitation is involved. Hence this event being named as it is, one assumes.

Kool A.D. and Fat Tony at Bryan Street Tavern
Though Das Racist is known as being heavily entrenched in the New York scene, member Kool A.D. originally hails from San Francisco. His second mixtape of 2012 was recorded entirely in Oakland and features a who's who of Bay Area rappers and producers, including E-40. The Houston-based DIY hustler Fat Tony opens this bill at Bryan Street Tavern.

Swing Dances at Sons of Hermann Hall
Do you have a friend with an in on the heavy clambakes? If so, you won't want to show up to any of these affairs if your drapes are civilian or if your dance steps aren't up to par. Unfortunately, we can't help you with the rags. But Sons of Hermann Hall's Wednesday night swing dancing nights will help you keep up with all the hip cats and kittens on the dance floor. So there's that.

Langhorne Slim and Jessica Lea Mayfield at Dan's Silverleaf
After being discovered/nurtured by Dan Auerbach sometime around 2008, Jessica Lea Mayfield became the guest to ever appear on a Black Keys record with her performance on Attack and Release. Then, in 2009, she appeared again on Auerbach's solo record, Keep it Hid. He returned the favor by producing her 2011 sophomore effort, Tell Me. Mayfield performs in Denton tonight on a special bill that also contains folk traditionalist Langhorne Slim.