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Things To Do On Tuesday, August 14.

Things To Do On Tuesday, August 14.

Find Your Topanga Tonight At Rubber Gloves.

By Cory on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 7:45 AM

Tonight looks like another one of those nights tailor-made for dating -- or even for just finding a date, for that matter.

At just a buck apiece, a bird-watching outing at the Trinity River Audubon Center makes for a fine cheap date option.

Meanwhile, that new Rolling Stones concert flick makes for a nice choice, too. Kirk Hopper's latest exhibition could potentially ignite some interesting after-dinner conversation, as well. And the dance party at Rubber Gloves of course makes for a nice way to wind things down -- or to find your next special someone, providing your dance moves are up to snuff.

And, I mean, of course they are, right?

Couples Going '90s at Rubber Gloves
Despite the event's name, we're pretty sure it's OK to show up stag to Rubber Gloves tonight. The name is a nod to RGRS' prior long-running weekly, Singles Going Steady. Date or no, though, Yeahdef-helmed dance parties are always a good time. And perhaps you'll even meet the Zack to your Kelly or the Topanga to your Cory on the dancefloor tonight.

Dollar Days at Trinity River Audubon Center
Typically, you have to wait until the third Thursday of the month in order to take advantage TRAC's free admission policy. For the month of August, though, they're letting folks come in and enjoy their little patch of nature for just a buck. In any case, it makes a great place to take a date on the cheap.

Rolling Stones: Some Girls, Live in Texas at Angelika Film Center
The Rolling Stones' 1978 "Some Girls" tour in support of their 16th studio album is often considered by Stones fans as one of the band's best. That says a lot when one considers they've been on the road pretty much continuously for the last 50 years. More important, though? This concert film was recorded in Fort Worth during the acclaimed tour.

AMERWARPORNICA at Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery
The latest exhibition at Kirk Hopper's gallery features a pair of female artists from opposite coasts. While California artist Kara Maria's work focuses on international politics and war, New York's Eurydice touches on the American sexual culture. Together they seem to make a statement about our country's confusing perspective on human sexuality being so much more obscene/harmful to our nation's youth than egregious violence. Or as the event's tagline goes: War, porn, and the American way!