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Things To Do on Thursday, August 9.

Things To Do on Thursday, August 9.

Aesop Rock Out With Your [Expletive Deleted] Out.

By Chelsea on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight would be a good opportunity to go out and see a show -- especially since Aesop Rock is performing at the Granada Theater, and that's a show not to be missed.

Your other concert options ain't too bad, either: Treelines are over at the Common Table and the One Hazy Summer Tour featuring Juicy J will go down at Trees.

If you want to get on your feet, you can do that, too. The It'll Do Club is having a fantastic dance party with special guests from RuPaul's Drag Race, a.k.a. the most addicting show on television.

(Oh, shut up about Breaking Bad).

One Hazy Summer Tour with Juicy J at Trees
Not only will Juicy J be appearing at Trees to pump up the haze (that's a saying, right?), but he's also bringing a nice array of hip-hop talent with him. Also on the bill: Smoke DZA, Chevy Woods, Doughbreezy, Fat Trel and Dallas' own Tum Tum.

Talk Radio at the DMA
This Oliver Stone cult hit was set and shot in Dallas, and it's based on the life of Alan Berg, a talk show host who was murdered by white supremacists. The character based on Berg, Barry Champlain, is an aggressive liberal talk radio host who's not as easy to intimidate as some would like. In 2012, this film is actually still pretty relevant, what with the sustained popularity of talk radio personalities and all.

Queen Night at It'll Do Club featuring Carmen Carrera and Raja of RuPaul's Drag Race
With music by Redeye and special appearances by contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race, this party promises to be the best of the night. The Facebook event claims that this "is the beginning of a revolution in bringing back the diversity in the gay music scene," and that actually sounds pretty awesome since there aren't an enormous amount of non-Cedar Springs-area venues that specifically cater to gay individuals.

Treelines at Common Table
Tonight, Treelines will be bringing their brand of unassuming indie rock to the table -- the Common Table! (I'll see myself out.) Treeline's music isn't exactly overpowering, but it's capable of setting a mood in an almost Canadian fashion.

Aesop Rock at Granada Theater
After teaming up with DJ Big Wiz and Rob Sonic to form the group Hail Mary Mallon and release Are You Going to Eat That? last year, Aesop has returned to make his first solo album since 2009. The hiatus was in part due to El-P dismantling his label Definitive Jux, but Aesop soon found a home with the Minneapolis label Rhymesayers. After what seems like a long wait, Aesop's Skelethon album has finally arrived, and it's a glorious return to form.

Other options: Enjoy a pop-up happy hour at Pegasus Plaza and check out some killer '70s photos at Fountain Place.