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Things To Do On Tuesday, August 7.

Things To Do On Tuesday, August 7.

Find Out What Happens When Joe Jonas, Gloria Estefan and Nelly Are All In The Same Room.

By Cory on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 7:35 AM

We're squarely in that awkward spot that comes each month. We're about a week removed from paying rent and we've got a week left to go before the next paycheck comes.

Fortunately, the events we've found going on tonight don't require you to have too much disposable income left in your bank account.

You don't have to drop a dime at a CW television show taping, a trip to the art museum, a donation-based pop punk show in Denton or a screening of an old B-movie at the Texas Theatre.

And you could still have fun, regardless.


First Tuesday at Dallas Museum of Art
It's not like there are a shortage of free places to take a date in Dallas without spending a dime (see also: 50 Free Dates). If you sleep on your chance at free admission the DMA today, though, you'll have to wait a whole month take your sweetie there.

Rad Company and Tight Bros at J&J's Pizza on the Square
Though we're still a good two years away from a full-blown pop-punk revival, there are signs all over that one will, in fact, take place. In our minds, it's less a case of if it will happen and more a case of when it will. Take tonight's bill at J&J's with Ohio bands Rad Company and Tight Bros, along with Talked Out, Special Guest and Half-Truths. Should be awesome.

Tuesday Night Trash: D'Wild Wild Weng at Texas Theatre
The last Tuesday Night Trash showing in the venue's intimate viewing lounge should be a pretty good one. D'Wild Wild Weng is mostly just (tasteless?) sight gags involving the Flipino actor Weng Weng who is, of course, a little person. As a bonus, the theater's description of this film included the phrase "rapey ninjas" for whatever that's worth.

The Next: Dallas at The Majestic
Whenever we used to take on a new hobby or activity as kids, our little brother immediately had to take on the same one. We once faked enthusiasm for ballet just to see if he'd put on a tutu. So the rumors that Nick Jonas is interested in becoming a judge on American Idol next season wasn't that surprising to us. His brother Joe has already been taping episodes of the Idol clone The Next, judging alongside the likes of Gloria Estefan and Nelly. Attend the taping of an upcoming episode tonight at The Majestic.