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Things To Do This Week.

Things To Do This Week.

Get The Jump On Your 8/5 - 8/11 Plans.

By Cory on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Just the other day, we noticed our neighbor loading boxes into a moving truck.

"I'm sick of Dallas," he let us know, "I'm heading back to Louisiana."

It was a hard statement for us to wrap our heads around. There's such a wide variety of ways to occupy one's time here -- and such a glut of it nearly every night of the week, too -- that it's difficult to imagine being able to suddenly become sick of it.

Take this week, for instance. There are several places to dance, a number of some good shows to see, some interesting films to watch and quality foods and drinks to consume.

We're all over the map this week, Dallas. But we love you all the more for it.

Sunday (8.5)
Rockstar Recovery at LaGrange
Recover like a rockstar with some free yoga.

Endless Summer at The Fraternal Order of Eagles
In which we teach the Granada Theater staff how volleyball is played.

Monday (8.6)
Bitchfest at Oak
Apparently, three-year Twitterversaries are an event worth celebrating.

Tuesday (8.7)
First Tuesdays at Dallas Museum of Art
Skip work and take your crush on a completely free date.

The Next: Dallas at Majestic Theatre
Thank reality TV for finally getting Gloria Estefan, Joe Jonas, John Rich and Nelly in the same room together.

Wednesday (8.8)
Star Wars Hump-day party at Where House
May the Fort [Worth] be with you.

Thursday (8.9)
Dallas on Film: Talk Radio at Dallas Museum of Art
Hello, wild card line, you're on the air.

Aesop Rock at Granada Theater
Just don't call him A$AP Rocky.

Queen at It'll Do Club
More drag queen and less British band from the '80s.

Friday (8.10)
Deathray Davies at The Kessler
Drink With the Grownups and Listen to Jazz.

Identity Festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Remember: Water is your friend.

Saturday (8.11)
Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Fest at Texas Theatre
Would an Electric Boogaloo joke be too obvious?

Best of Dallas Taco Tour
Mmm, tacos.