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Things To Do On Thursday, August 2.

Things To Do On Thursday, August 2.

Celebrate National IPA Day at Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

By Cory on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Have you decided how you're going to celebrate National IPA Day yet? Some logical options might be to drink a ton of the stuff. Better yet, you can head over to the Deep Ellum Brewing Company, where they'll be celebrating in style. We've even heard there might be a keg of Dream Crusher that they've been hoarding away just for the occasion. Of course, that's not the only way to celebrate your love for India Pale Ale.

Dallas on Film: The Night of the White Pants at Dallas Museum of Art
Local filmmaker Amy Talkington will be on hand at the DMA tonight to discuss her Dallas-shot film, The Night of the White Pants, which tells the story of a well-to-do father forced to interact with his daughter's crusty punkrock boyfriend. We especially love the part where The Double Wide gets some screen time.

Bitch Bricks, War Party and Doom Ghost at Lola's
Although it's gone largely underreported, Fort Worth has quietly built the best punk scene in the Metroplex. Tonight's strong bill at Lola's should serve as more than enough proof to back up our previous statement. It wasn't until our first Doom Ghost show that we realized, goddamnit, we hate the blues, too.

FIG Finale at Fashion Industry Gallery
When we heard we'd have to pay to shop at FIG's big end-of-season sale, we thought that sounded pretty silly -- until we heard that the sale included up to 75 percent discounts on some of the top designer stores and brands. The sale goes through Saturday, but we imagine the best stuff will go pretty quick.

Brewery tour at Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Take it from us, Deep Ellum Brewing Company tours are always a great time -- especially when the beers start flowing. After you enjoy a set from Fish Fry Bingo, who will be performing in the beer garden, head on over to the official after-party at Buzz Brews, where they'll be tapping the very last keg of DEBC's Dream Crusher IPA in town.

Dive In Movie: Some Like It Hot at Belmont Hotel
Not sure if you've noticed, but it's pretty fucking hot outside. So what better place to watch a movie than inside a pool? All activities are more fun when combined. Don't believe us? Have you never watched a biathlon before? Nothing cures boredom like guns and skis!