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Remembering The Lives of Zombies, Ombre Hair, Toms Shoes, Nom and The Ermahgerd Girl.

By Cory on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 4:09 PM

Each week, dozens of memes, trends and pop culture items die quiet, unceremonious deaths.

We'd like to publicly give these dead trends the proper memorials they deserve.

Then, we kindly request that we never speak of them again.

Ermahgerd Girl
Ermahgerd Girl (born March 15th, 2012) departed this life on July 28, 2012. Having once met author R.L. Stine as a youth, Ermahgerd, an avid reader, became a huge fan of his work. She almost never left the house without carrying her fravrit Goosebumps berks under her arms. She is preceded in death by her mother, Gersberms. She is survived by her father, Friendzone Johnny.

Zombies passed away on July 27, 2012, at the age of 44, but then quickly became reanimated. Zombies is survived by everyone who was fortunate to have read Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide and by those who had prepared well-organized zombie apocalypse teams in advance. No memorial services will be held as the body of the deceased got up and walked away. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you please run, and quickly.

Toms Shoes
Toms Shoes, 6, entered eternal rest on July 29, 2012. He was known for his overwhelming generosity, and will be greatly missed. In Argentina, where he was something of a legend, Toms Shoes' death will be marked with a national day of mourning. He is survived by his grandfather, Chuck Taylor's. Toms Shoes was preceded in death by his father Heelys, his grandmother Jelly Shoes, and his twin brother Bobs Shoes, who died at birth.

After a three-year battle with overuse following Parry Gripp's viral video, in which used the word 214 times in one minute, the word Nom, 8, died peacefully on July 31, 2012. Like most onomatopoeia, Nom was known for her cuteness and ability to make people smile. She was well-loved, especially by obese cartoon characters and hungry babies, and, subsequently, the French who often used it when making introductions. She was blessed with three sons: Rawr, Ugh and Grrr.

Ombre Hair
Ombre Hair dyed gradually July 26, 2012. Born in June 2011, Ombre was known for her colorful personality and enjoyed a life of high fashion. Despite being very close to a number of A-list celebrities, Ombre never let it go to her head. She is survived by her mother, The Classic Blonde. Ombre was preceded in death by her sister, Feather Hair Extensions.