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Things To Do on Wednesday, August 1.

Things To Do on Wednesday, August 1.

The Circus is Here!

By Chelsea on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Welcome to the first day of August! Have you started your New Month Resolutions yet? My resolution is to stop pretending the flippers I bought are my actual feet.

I have a feeling that can wait until next month, though, because whoa check out how large and webbed my feet are!

Anyway, if you're going out tonight, you need a plan. So think of me as your daily event planner. I'm like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, except I'm not planning your wedding, and instead of hooking up with Matthew McConaughey at the end of the day, I hook up with a Vanilla Coke and a movie theater pretzel.

It's practically the same!

Shut up and Play the Hits at Angelika
As one of the many unlucky people who were not able to attend the last sold-out show of LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden, I would not turn down the opportunity to see it in movie form. And, hey, this is that opportunity I was just talking about in that last sentence!

Recycledpalooza at Dan's Silverleaf
Recycled Books is teaming up with the Apple Tree Project to help needy children in Denton afford school supplies. To do this, they're putting on a benefit show at Dan's Silverleaf featuring live music (mostly bands with current or former Recycled Books employees in them), a bake sale and a raffle. The entry fee is $5.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey at American Airlines Center
Alright, people. Before I start talking about the circus, let's get one thing straight: There's no way that many of you are afraid of clowns. Some of you have to be faking it. What did clowns ever do to you besides wear bad makeup and possibly exceed the legal limit for amount of people shoved into a car? Are they really that scary? Scarier than sharks? Scarier than ventriloquist dolls? Maybe if you are a baby. And, if you are a baby, you shouldn't be driving yourself to the circus, anyway.

Live Shark Feedings at the Museum of Nature & Science
Unfortunately you don't get to feed the sharks -- Best save that bologna sandwich for some other time -- but here you can watch trained professionals feed the sharks! The trained professionals will also be answering questions, so be sure to bring your Deep Blue Sea fan fiction and ask them if they think it's any good.

The Psychic Paramount at La Grange
New York's psychedelic jam trio, The Psychic Paramount, is pretty good at eliciting glazed-over eyeballs when they play a show, meaning that they fall high on my barometer of "good psychedelic bands."