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Things To Do On Tuesday, July 31.

Things To Do On Tuesday, July 31.

Breaking A World Record Is Easy As Pie.

By Cory on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Our moms told us a lot of things growing up that we've come to learn weren't all that important. As a result, all of our lives, we've been playing by their rules, sometimes needlessly. Sometimes, it's just more thrilling to cross the street without looking both ways first or to go outside without wearing pants. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to declare your independence tonight and show mom that you are a grown-ass adult and that sometimes you do know best.

For instance, you can toss aside that old don't-play-with-your-food nonsense as you get caught in the crossfire of the world's largest pie fight or you go ahead and talk right in the middle of a movie -- as loud as you want, even -- at The Grotto. Or you can continuously cut in line to make sure you get a glass of Wealth and Taste tonight at The Common Table. Actually, even we wouldn't normally support that last one, to be honest. But, hey, they only made a single batch of the stuff.

The Big Movie: Towering Inferno at The Magnolia
To end their run of classic disaster films, The Magnolia will be showing Towering Inferno, a film that involves a group of people trapped atop the world's tallest building while a fire is ravaging through the lower floors. One gets the impression that unlike some other disaster films, this one has gotten more chilling with the passage of time, especially post-9/11.

World record pie-fighting attempt at American Airlines Center
Recently, the Guinness Records people decided to alter their category for Largest Custard Pie Fight to Largest Shaving Cream Pie Fight over concerns about wasting food. But where is the outcry for wasting shaving cream? Count on plenty of the stuff to be squandered as Barnum & Bailey has recruited nearly 700 clowns and civilians alike to help set a new world record.

DEBC's Wealth and Taste launch party at The Common Table
Deep Ellum Brewing Co.'s newest creation is something of a wonder. Aged in chardonnay barrels (a first for the brewery), the Rolling Stones-referencing Ale is the lightest beer we've ever experienced that boasts nearly 10 percent alcohol by volume. Trust us, it's devilishly good.

Wondercrust Presents: Monsters From a Prehistoric Planet at The Grotto
Looks like some folks out in Fort Worth have adopted the Texas Theatre's Tuesday Night Trash model. They call themselves the Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club and they've added a few twists to their bad movie night, adopting a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style skewering system and incorporating drinking games into the evening's proceedings.