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Things To Do This Week.

Things To Do This Week.

Get The Jump On Your 7/29 - 8/4 Plans.

By Cory on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 3:52 PM

Being as this is International Clown Week (or so we've heard), we should remind you not to take things too seriously this week. Color your hair, wear your giant paints and too much makeup, and remember to laugh. A lot. Hey, maybe that explains that giant Guinness record-breaking pie-fighting attempt that's going on over at the AAC later in the week? Probably.

But no matter how literally you interpret the whole Clown Week thing with your dress and attitude, it should be pretty effortless to find things to do this week -- especially towards the weekend when several nice concerts and album release shows will be taking place.

Sunday (7.29)
The Eagle's BFD at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Evanescence and Chevelle and Candlebox, oh my.

KNON Harmonica Blowout at Poor David's Pub
This is totally going to suck. And then blow. And then suck some more.

Nicki Minaj at Verizon Theatre
It may be Sunday outside, but it's Pink Friday in here.

Monday (7.30)
Discounted rolls at Zen Sushi

Tuesday (7.31)
Shaving cream pie fight at American Airlines Center
Nearly 700 clowns and civilians will attempt to break a Guinness world record.

Wednesday (8.1)
Recycledpalooza at Recycled Books
The many bands featuring Recycled employees will perform and hawk baked goods in the name of charity.

Thursday (8.2)
Dallas on Film: The Night of the White Pants at Dallas Museum of Art
The Double Wide gets some screen time in this Dallas-set film.

Finale at Fashion Industry Gallery
For the next three days, enjoy a 75 percent discount off designer duds.

Friday (8.3)
The Coathangers and Jaill at Bryan Street Tavern
Nothing says punk rock like a party band named after a crude abortion tool.

The Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak at The Kessler
The stillness is the move, you guys.

Saturday (8.4)
Team Tomb album release at Dan's Silverleaf
The band formerly known as Coves finally drops its full-length.