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Things To Do On Thursday, July 26.

Things To Do On Thursday, July 26.

Keep Your Kool Tonight at Trees.

By Cory on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 7:45 AM

The thing about Thursdays in this town is that they are never quiet and the night's options are never dull. Take tonight, for instance, when one can experience some culture with a photography exhibit at Kettle Art or gain some perspective with a historic Dallas film at the DMA. Elsewhere, you can laugh your ass off in Addison, witness the spectacle of a wheels-off performer at Trees or experience an extra special night of music in Denton.

Dallas on Film: Juke Joint at Dallas Museum of Art
Spencer Williams, who was employed by the Dallas-based Sack Amusement Enterprises, was one of the few African-American directors making films in the '40s. His 1947 film about a seedy Dallas juke joint will be shown tonight at the DMA free of charge.

Kool Keith at Trees
Kool Keith's latest tour is appropriately called "Who Am I?" and that makes sense for a performer with so many alter egos (see also: Dr. Octagon, Dr. Doom, Black Elvis, Rhythm X). These days, Kool Keith performances are an off-the-wall blend of attention-deficit hip-hop and weird diatribes that illicit a Kaufman-esque is-he-a-crazy-genius-or-just-crazy vibe.

Gutterth Live at Denton Square Donuts
A who's who of local and former local singer-songwriters will perform tonight at Denton Square Donuts, including Delmore Pilcrow, Kaleo Kaualoku and Daniel Folmer. Making the gathering extra special are sets by Joey Kendall, Har Herrar and Morzsa Records, who have all since moved from the area. The latter includes former members of The Heartstring Stranglers, who are on tour from their new home in Budapest.

Bryan Callen at Addison Improv
After spending the first 14 years of his life growing up in places like Greece, Lebanon, India and Pakistan, Bryan Callen moved to the States and has since become a well-rounded performer. He splits time as a stand-up comedian and actor with credits that include everything from being an original cast member of Mad TV to appearing in movies like The Hangover.

Vista at Kettle Art Gallery
Why is it that when magician David Blaine holes up in a plexiglass box above the Thames River in London, it's called an "endurance stunt," yet when Dallas artist Erica Felicella exiles herself in a clear acrylic box behind the Kessler Theater for two days it's called "performance art"? Starting tonight, Kettle Art will be presenting a series of landscape photography by Dallas artists, and the whole thing is curated by Felicella.