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Things To Do On Tuesday, July 24.

Things To Do On Tuesday, July 24.

Learn How A Rock Opera Is Made.

By Cory on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Continuing in their weekly tradition of themed costume contests, attendees at tonight's Blaze of Glory concert at the arboretum are encouraged to dress as their favorite old rock star in order to win fabulous prizes. But that's not your only chance to play dress up tonight. Personally we're thinking of donning a Keith Moon costume to tonight's Who documentary showing, complete with real explosives. Barring that, we might try to track down a Chick-fil-A cow costume and hit up that new Nick C. Kirk exhibition at Mokah Art Gallery.

Blatantly Garish works by Nick C Kirk at Mokah Art Gallery
In Nick C. Kirk's latest exhibition, he opts to point out the tastelessly showy nature of the print advertising world. Among the central pieces is a 20-foot billboard mashing up themes from Pepsi, Coke and Dr Pepper ads.

Concerts at the Arboretum: Blaze of Glory
It should make for a pretty amusing scene tonight at the arboretum. Picture this: A bunch of folks dressed up as their favorite rock stars trying to win Dallas Cowboys tickets as they enjoy the music of a Bon Jovi cover band by the illuminated glass sculptures of Washingtonian artist Dale Chihuly. Sometimes, these things just kind of write themselves.

The Big Movie: The Poseidon Adventure at The Magnolia
Although the 1973 film The Poseidon Adventure became one of the top grossing movies of all time on the strength of the 15 Academy Award winners who worked on the film, subsequent sequels and remakes haven't fared nearly as well. We'd like to offer up the suggestion that the next time somebody decides to remake the film, they do it as a reality flick. Let's see what really happens when 15 of our generation's greatest actors are put aboard an actual sinking ship.

Nervous Curtains, Buildings and Bludded Head at J&J's
The heavy, angular rock of Minneapolis three-piece Buildings will perfectly bridge the gap between the heavy offerings of Denton's Bludded Head and the more angular works of fellow locals Nervous Curtains. The whole affair is perfectly befitting the self-proclaimed old dirty basement.

The Who - Quadrophenia: The Complete Story at Cinemark 17
This winter, the surviving members of The Who will embark on a 37-date tour in which they'll be playing their 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia in its entirety for the first time since 1996. Although there aren't any Texas dates on the tour, Dallas was still one of the cities selected to show the new Quadrophenia behind-the-scenes documentary. Your only chance to catch it in theaters will be tonight at the Cinemark on Webb Chapel at 8 p.m..