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Things To Do on Friday, July 20.

Things To Do on Friday, July 20.

Get All Kinds of Sexy with Frank Ocean at South Side Music Hall.

By Chelsea on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight has some pretty strong offerings -- even for a day as fun-splosion packed as Friday typically is. Musically, the Gilley's Complex is where it's at tonight, with Frank Ocean playing at South Side Music Hall and Tenacious D at Palladium. Meanwhile, Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis & The News will be playing at the Meyerson, and Missions will be at Good Records.

Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis at the Myerson
While Huey Lewis's songs will forever be ingrained in my mind as the music that psychopath murderers listen to, Joe Cocker will always be that cool guy with the raspy voice. Cool combination, right? That's the power of love.

Frank Ocean at South Side Music Hall
You'd be hard pressed to find a musician that's gotten as much coverage as Ocean has recently. With his open letter on Tumblr addressing the feelings he had for another man, Ocean earned a lot of praise for his coming out of sorts in a music industry that is not yet incredibly friendly to those who don't identify as 100 percent heterosexual. Beyond that, Ocean's work speaks for itself thanks to his work with Odd Future, his successful mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra and his collaboration on part of Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne.

Cirque du Burlesque at Lakewood Theater
Tonight at the Lakewood Theater, enjoy Cirque du Burlesque, a once-a-month event that promises burlesque dancing clowns! Or maybe it's just burlesque dancers performing circus acts sans clowns? Not sure, honestly, since we've yet to receive word on whether there will be elephants or dozens of burlesque dancers coming out of a tiny car.

Sizzlin' Summer Fashion Show at Ilume Galerie
Fashion shows mostly consist of clothes and people wearing and walking in them (or so I'm told). But this one promises to be a bit more interesting than that. The "sizzlin'" part has something to do with the fact that it's poolside, and, as an extra bonus, there will be cocktails.

Missions, Lean Hounds, and Zhora at Good Records
Tonight's in-store session at Good Records is looking pretty synth-heavy with Austin's Missions and Lean Hounds, along with Dallas natives Zhora. And, lo, the Synth Gods were pleased.

Tenacious D at Palladium Ballroom
Tenacious D, America's favorite rock-comedy fusion band, will return to Dallas tonight in support of their third album, Rise of the Fenix. The delay between the releases in the albums can probably be attributed to Jack Black's movie career, so it's best to see them now, because who knows when they'll be back again.