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Things To Do On Wednesday, June 27.

Things To Do On Wednesday, June 27.

It Might Get Loud At Southern Lord Showcase At Dada.

By Cory on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 7:50 AM

The word Wednesday originally comes from a Latin phrase meaning "day of Mercury." Mercury's name, interestingly, is derived from the Latin word merx, which relates to merchandise and commerce. Perhaps, then, we should take this as a sign to go out and spend some cash tonight. There are plenty of places to do so, like at a super-stacked heavy rock bill over at Dada, at a dirty old one-man band doing an in-store at Good Records (where you can do a little shopping as well), at a food truck gathering, or at a Vinyl Preservation Society meeting (where you can spin those records you bought at Good earlier).

Scott H. Biram live from the Astroturf at Good Records
The Texas-born Scott H. Biram is known as something of a rebel. He once played a show from a wheelchair with IVs still dangling from his veins not long after he'd been in a serious car wreck. It's this doesn't-give-a-fuck attitude that's made the self-proclaimed "dirty old one-man band" a joy to watch.

Southern Lord Records Tour at Dada
In the words of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale, "[this] lineup is stacked and the show is cheap." When we last caught up with him back in May, he intimated that the Southern Lord Records showcase at Dada tonight will probably be their only local show until their record comes out in the fall. And, like he said, the rest of this bill, which also includes Black Breath, Martyrdod, Burning Love, Enabler, and Fort Worth's Wild//Tribe, really is pretty stacked too.

The Food Truck Experience at Sigel's Beverages
Would you like some wine with that cheesesteak? Or maybe just a sixer of Corona with that taco? Of all the food truck "rallies" that go on around town these days, the weekly one that happens in the parking lot of Sigel's Beverages on Greenville makes the most sense. Because, you know, everything is better with booze.

Vinyl Preservation Society meeting at Barley House
This monthly gathering at the Barley House is BYOV (that's bring your own vinyl for you first-timers). This month's theme is "imbibe," so whether your record collection contains Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" or Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice," bring them down to the Barley House tonight and spin them on the house system.