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Things To Do on Saturday, June 23.

Things To Do on Saturday, June 23.

When Planning Where To Go Tonight, There Is Only One Direction.

By Chelsea on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Tonight, bust out your best Andy Rooney impression and complain about all the rabid fans of One Direction, who will be charming the faces off of teenage girls at Gexa. Or, if you aren't a teenage girl (or just a person who really, really likes boy bands), you can get a bit nostalgic with Eddie Money at Levitt Pavilion. As far as non-musical offerings, there's the Gigi Rice Summer Seductions Fashion Show at Lofty Spaces and the new art exhibition at Conduit Gallery.

Gigi Rice Summer Seductions Fashion Show at Lofty Spaces
Well, it's got "seduction" right there in the title, so this will be one of those "sexy" fashion shows. Dress sensually and take a look at the designs from the Gigi Rice 2012 Summer Collection.

One Direction at Gexa Energy Pavillion
I continue to think of boy bands as a late '90s/early 2000s phenomenon, but apparently I'm wrong, thanks in part to Brit crooners One Direction. The last time they were here, I enjoyed watching a local news report of breathless fans losing their shit over the group outside the venue hours before the show. Just to illustrate how ridiculous this whole thing is: The band has an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to their 2013 World Tour, which, unless One Direction has mastered the art of time travel, hasn't happened yet.

Eddie Money at Levitt Pavillion
I don't know about you, but I'm planning on taking my suitcase to this show because somebody promised me their spare ticket to paradise and still hasn't made good on the offer.

The Locals at Centre
We already have a Homegrown Music & Arts Festival, so why not a Homegrown Apparel and Accessory Show? Naturally, those showcased will be the best in Dallas-area brands, such as Azimo Clothing and Dopey the Bear, plus many more.

Rex Ray, Gabriel Dawe, and Jill Storthz Exhibition at Conduit Gallery
Tonight's the opening reception for three talented visual artists, one of whom is Rex Ray, a visual artist from San Francisco known for his hand-painted paper collages as well as for creating the CD packaging for prominent musicians such as David Bowie and Joe Satriani. Also at the reception will be Montreal textile artist Gabriel Dawe and print-artist Jill Storthz.

Michelle Hailey the Hypnotic Diva at Taste of Islands
Michelle Hailey is a hypnotist. Presumably, she'll put you in a trance and make you an awesome person who cares about nothing, like in the movie Office Space. On top of that, how often do you get to be hypnotized by a diva?