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Things To Do on Friday, June 22.

Things To Do on Friday, June 22.

Rediscover Gluttony With The Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally.

By Chelsea on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight is an interesting and eclectic evening.

For one thing, Coldplay will be performing at the American Airlines Center. Anything relevant about that band was immediately squashed when Kat Dennings in the -- criminally unfunny show 2 Broke Girls -- declared to a boho-looking man: "I wear hats because it's cold outside. You wear hats because of Cold play."

For something that goes down a little easier, check out the Deep Ellum Food Truck Festival. If you've ever met a single individual that has eaten at a food truck before, you know this much: They're super into eating at food trucks.

There has to be a reason, right? Tonight, find out for sure.

Coldplay at American Airlines Center
If you feel the need to further cement the earworm that is "Paradise," then I'm sure you'll have a lovely evening with Coldplay tonight. Opening up for them, inexplicably, is Robyn, so you can dance your ass off before you try not to stare at Chris Martin's teeth on the big screen.

Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally
Food from a truck doesn't sound really all that awesome in theory, but it always is. Seriously, I have to hand it to people who can make delicious things while working in what I can only describe as a moving sweatbox. Today, your favorite area sweatboxes (including Nammi, Rock and Roll Taco, Easy Slider, and many more) will gather to deliver some amazing food to Deep Ellum. Food truck fare is usually substantial, but surely you could still swing by a few of the trucks tonight, right? Surely you can.

Roger Creager at Granada Theater
Roger Creager has the distinction of being a near-lifetime musician and simultaneously the only person I've heard of who lives in Katy, Texas. The country singer has distinguished himself as being sort of a loose cannon and for boasting veritable talent in terms of making Texans swoon.

George Lopez at Majestic Theater
You might want to remember him for the George Lopez Show and not his talk show Lopez Tonight, which was so bad that even TBS had to give up on it. If you liked his sitcom, though, chances are you'd like his stand-up.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Sealion and RTB2 at La Grange
For the pick of the local shows tonight, your best bet is to head out to La Grange for Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Sealion and RTB2. The Facebook event page describes the show as the "trifecta of awesomeness," and I am not one to disagree.

The Boom Bang and Fungi Girls at Queen City
Tonight's show at Queen City features a great lineup with The Boom Bang and Fungi Girls. Particularly enticing are the Fungi Girls, who have previously shared the stage with the likes of Hunx and his Punx, which makes sense, as they have that same devil-may-care attitude and garage rock ferociousness that comes with giving no shits.