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Boot and Rally.

Boot and Rally.

Yeah, Dave Chappelle Bombed In Austin. But We Found Audio Proving That His Dallas Show Rocked.

By Pete on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 3:03 PM

Things have been pretty Dave Chappelle-heavy around here of late, we know. We'll stop talking about the comedian soon, we promise.

But, first, some housecleaning. Because, listen, it's been an interesting week.

First, yeah, Chappelle made the surprise announcement that he was going to perform a surprise show in Dallas on Monday night.

And then he did, and it was pretty darn awesome, if a little rough around the edges -- as could be proven by some bootlegged audio posted to YouTube just a few hours after the show at the House of Blues ended (which has since been removed).

Then Chappelle announced that, on Tuesday night, he'd be bringing his bit to Austin, too.

Only, unlike in Dallas and much like with his Memphis gig earlier this month, his show in Austin didn't go over very well.

Here's a snippet of what one Austin reviewer had to say of Chappelle's Tuesday night performance: "He showed up in Austin with less than 30 minutes of jokes, likely thinking he'd get enough from the crowd to improv his way through the rest of the night. His mistake was in coming to a town that's been on the Coolest Places To Live lists for ten years too long. 2% of the crowd was hellbent on ruining the show for everyone else with their requests, outbursts, insults, shout-outs to Texas pride, and random pig squeals. Dave's long pauses, water breaks, and cigarette drags caused him to lose control of the audience fifteen minutes into the night and he never got them back. The 2% had taken over."


Dallas, much to our credit, wasn't nearly that bad. Chappelle seemed to relish in our audience banter, and, indeed, his running joke about Uptown spot Sfuzzi very much proved a highlight of his set -- and, for some fans, a highlight of a lifetime when Chappelle made good on his promises and showed up to Sfuzzi to host a pizza party for his fans later that night.

I guess what I'm saying is this: Way to be, Dallas.

Oh, and this too: If you want proof that Chappelle's Dallas set was actually pretty awesome, you can listen to it for yourself by downloading an audio file of the performance right here, many thanks to a reader of ours who snuck a recorder into the venue and passed this dowbnload link along our way.

Just be sure to grab that download quick. Much like with the YouTube link we posted earlier this week, it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time before this download link too disappears.