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Things To Do on Wednesday, June 20.

Things To Do on Wednesday, June 20.

Get a Jump on Those Van Halen Seats.

By Chelsea on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Wednesday usually doesn't come to mind when I think of "good nights to go out." Tonight, though, it's a little easier to forget that it's Wednesday. That's mostly because Van Halen is playing at the American Airlines Center. Also playing tonight? The Cult at the House of Blues and Seattle's Beat Connection at La Grange.

DFW Burger Meetup at Maple and Motor
There are social meetups for pretty much everything these days. Balloon animal enthusiasts, Scientologists -- you name it. So it's not really weird that there are monthly meetings for burger fans, right? These people just really like burgers. If you really like burgers, too, then you should head over to Maple and Motor tonight. Get some buddies and compare burger stories. (Like, hey, remember that relish from that one time?)

Van Halen at American Airlines Centers
This is the perfect chance to meet Eddie Van Halen and try to convince him to join your Wyld Stallyns cover band. Or, if you're like me, you'll finally have a chance to bust out those "Team Sammy" and "Team David" t-shirts that you made for yourself. (Word on the street is that Eddie is currently "Team David.")

The Angelus, Weird Weeds, Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things at Sons of Hermann Hall
This is not the typical show, as all three bands will be playing their new albums in their entirety. That's three whole albums! Plus, you'd be hard-pressed to find any venue more suited to The Angelus' dark and introspective music than Sons of Hermann Hall.

Twelfth Night at Samuell Grand Ampitheatre
You don't have much longer to catch Twelfth Night (as part of the Shakespeare in the Park series), so you better get to it if you want to impress your old English teacher. The play consists of the sort of convoluted mistaken identity hijinks that you would come to expect from Shakespeare, but with the added addition of gender confusion. Fun!

The Cult at House of Blues
Not to be confused with Cults (or actual cults for that matter), this English group is mostly known for their '80s hard rock. Well, that and the fact that lead singer Ian Astbury bears a passing resemblance to Jim Morrison.

Beat Connection at La Grange
Seattle's Beat Connection boasts the sort of calm, chilled-out music that you can still moved around to. Opening up for them is LA's psych-pop group, White Arrows. Should be a good one.