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What To Do On Tuesday, June 19.

What To Do On Tuesday, June 19.

The Numerators Top Tonight's Bill At Canton Co-Op.

By Cory on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Whether you were thinking about heading out to a movie or a concert tonight, you have a few good options tonight. You just have to be ready to answer some questions. Do you do the DIY thing or do you make the drive to Denton? Do you want to see the greatest movie of all time or one of the absolute worst? Do you chow down on a tuna burger or some pork tacos? Tough calls all around.

The Numerators at Canton Co-Op
We'll admit that we poured a few drops of our malt liquor out on the sidewalk a couple years back when Lubbock psych-punk outfit The Numerators announced that they were moving to Brooklyn. Now, though, the Texas natives are back in Dallas tonight in the DIY confines of Canton Co-Op, playing a BYOB show with the like-minded Girlfight, Waxeater and our own Leg Sweeper.

Tuesday Night Trash: Ghosthouse at Texas Theatre
Noted Italian b-movie director Umberto Lenzi took it upon himself to make an unofficial followup to the Evil Dead American horror film franchise a whole four years before Sam Raimi released Army of Darkness. The resulting severed head and creepy doll-filled flick are actually much more hilarious than Raimi's boomstick and chainsaw-hand plot devices, albeit much more unintentionally so.

Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys at Dan's Silverleaf
Big Sandy and his rockabilly revivalist backing band are so authentic, it's hard to pick their records from a bin of actual '60s albums. Thanks to their artwork, recording methods, songwriting, effects and costumes, they're one of the most authentic retro-influenced acts around.

The Big Movie: Tokyo Story at the Magnolia
The Japanese film about an aging couple that travels to Tokyo to visit their children is universally regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. It holds the highest critical rating on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, and appears elsewhere in nearly every top-ten-films-of-all-time list ever published.

Half-priced food at The Libertine

Dressing up to the nines to get drink discounts on Monday nights is all fine and good, but sometimes we just like to slum it at The Libertine with a half-priced tuna burger or something else great from the bar's menu.