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What To Do On Wednesday, June 13.

What To Do On Wednesday, June 13.

Get All Dramatic With The New Dallas.

By Cory on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight, the new version of Dallas starts up on TNT. It would probably be a good idea to watch it -- even if just to get a better idea of the stereotypical ways the rest of the country views us. Perhaps some sort of watching party is order? Well, if you get your party snacks from Bryan Street Tavern, they'll be half-priced. If Dallas and/or television aren't necessarily your thing, consider heading over to Fort Worth to check out one of our favorite area bands.

Dallas premieres on TNT
It's funny to think that the series that so defined the way the rest of the nation viewed Dallas was originally supposed to be set in Houston. It makes sense, though; our neighbors to the south are much more known for the cattle and oilmen than we are. The series starts back up again tonight, 21 years after last being on the air.

Quaker City Night Hawks at Keys Lounge
Many of you guys got to witness the greatness of Fort Worth's Quaker City Night Hawks at our four-month anniversary party this past weekend. Us, though? We were already a bit tipsy at that point. If you missed them -- or are just jonesing for an encore performance -- you can catch them on their home turf tonight. It should prove to be a more jorts-free environment.

Terry Hays art talk at The MAC
At 6:30 tonight, local artist Terry Hays will discuss his current exhibition Irreversible Change at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary. In his show, Hays makes use of graphic novel-inspired theatrical set designs to encapsulate the moment when one's life is irreversibly changed by things like devastating natural disasters.

Half-priced pizza at Bryan Street Tavern
If you haven't checked out our half-price food chart in a minute, now is a good time to revisit it. There are always lots of deals on Wednesday nights. One of our favorites? The half-priced pizza over at Bryan Street Tavern.