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What To Do On Saturday, June 9.

What To Do On Saturday, June 9.

Get Wet Just Thinking About The Lineup At The Cotton Bowl Tonight.

By Cory on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Saturdays in the summer are all about being outside, having fun and trying to stay hydrated. Whether you prefer you Saturday fun indoors or out, there's a pretty wide variety of goings-on to suit your tastes. A pretty huge festival takes over the Cotton Bowl this afternoon, the Common Table is celebrating their second birthday with some free Americana music and a "Hot and Sweaty" new art show gets going. Oh, and the Bill Cosby performance at the Winspear tonight and the trained pups performing tricks in the nearby Strauss Square are a couple of the more family-friendly options.

H2O Music Festival at The Cotton Bowl
Festivals may be one of the things we love to hate about summer, but paying just $30 to see Snoop Dogg, Yelawolf, Tiesto and Weezer and others at the Cotton Bowl today ain't bad at all.

The Common Table's Second Anniversary Throwdown
For two years, The Common Table has branded themselves as a high-end gastro pub that's unpretentious enough for the everyman. To celebrate, they're dedicating each of their 24 taps exclusively to Texas brews and hosting free performances by Joe Pug, David Wax Museum, J Charles and the Trainrobbers, and Boxcar Bandits.

Bill Cosby at The Winspear Opera House
We've often wondered if, one day, so many people will be covered in tattoos that the rare person we'll meet with completely unblemished skin will not only stand out more, but might even seem a bit more rebellious as well. Now that the art of comedy has turned into a sort of contest to see who can drop the most f-bombs in a single act, the fact that Bill Cosby never felt the need to incorporate swearing into his act makes him seem all the more badass.

Hot and Sweaty open show at 500X
500X Gallery's non-juried Hard and Sweaty open art show is like the DIY punk rock house party of art exhibitions. Underground artists from all over town are allowed to display their rawest, most unfiltered pieces, no questions asked. There's no fuss -- just art in its purest form.

Stunt Dog Experience at AT&T PAC
It is a little known Hollywood fact that Daddy, the dog who portrayed Cujo in the Stephen King film, was something of a diva. When it came time for the famous scene in which Cujo was supposed to jump through the window pane to attack Donna, Daddy threatened to walk off the set. Since that day, the stunt dog profession has grown exponentially. A team of the athletic tricksters performs tonight in AT&T PAC's Strauss Square.