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What To Do On Thursday, June 7.

What To Do On Thursday, June 7.

Set Sail With YACHT At Dada.

By Cory on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 7:40 AM

You've been real good about saving money all week long -- but, in this town especially, it's fairly hard to talk yourself into staying in on a Thursday night. So splurge, why don't you. Go out and enjoy at show. Two Washington-based bands, YACHT and The Head & The Heart, are both in town tonight, at Dada and the Granada, respectively. If you just want to enjoy a beer without being blasted with live music, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. has some nice ones to sample. As does Amsterdam Bar, who also has the added benefit of Wild in the Streets spinning the best collection of dusty gems in town.

YACHT at Dada
According to their manifesto, "YACHT is not a cult." But with their YACHT-is-not-just-a-band-it-is-a-belief-system-that-anyone-can-join mantra, they certainly come off that way a little bit -- especially when you throw in how mesmerizing their beat-oriented tunes are.

Head and the Heart at Granada Theater
It seems like a dozen bands from the Washington area have already performed in town this week. The Head and The Heart, who play at the Granada tonight, were voted the "Seattle's Best New Band" last year by City Arts Magazine. So they stand out amongst even the heady crop of Pacific Northwestern talent we've been lucky to have roll through town of late.

Wild in the Streets at Amsterdam Bar
Lisa Bush's weekly DJ night at Amsterdam might be one of the most underreported weeklies in town. Her collection of '50s and '60s garage and soul 45's is one of the most impressive around. Be prepared to be on Shazam all night long, 'cause she'll definitely inspire you to add a ton of new buried gems to your iPod in the morning. Or you could just go up and ask Lisa the names of the songs in person. She's really quite lovely.

Brewery Tour at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
See where and how the local brews are made at one of their semi-weekly brewery tours.