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What To Do On Wednesday, June 6.

What To Do On Wednesday, June 6.

Go For The Santigold At House Of Blues.

By Cory on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Instead of calling it hump day -- which, let's just face it, is a pretty worn out expression, anyway -- we should call tonight cashless Wednesday.

That's because, even if you're as strapped for dough post-rent as we are, then there are still plenty of ways to get out of the house tonight without spending much money at all. Here's what you've got going on tonight: Renfield's Corner hosts a free concert by local punk trio Hormones; Steel will feed you free sushi if you buy a couple of drinks; and West End Pub has a quiz that might even earn you a free bar tab providing you are as Mad Men-savvy as you think you are.

Of course, if you really must lay down some cash, that Santigold show over at House of Blues sounds like one pretty good bet.

Santigold at House of Blues
Not to be confused for wrestler and infomercial personality Santo Gold (who famously tried to sue her in 2009) or club staple M.I.A. (to whom she is frequently compared), Santigold has managed to stay on top of the dance-pop genre of late with high-profile collaborations with the likes of Pharrell, GZA, Kanye and the Beastie Boys (RIP MCA).

Mad Men quiz at West End Pub
As simple as the Mad Men drinking game is -- you just take a shot every time one of the characters on the show drinks liquor -- we have never managed to make it through an entire episode. Though there's still plenty of drinking involved, we imagine we'll fare much better at West End Pub's Mad Men quiz tonight.

Hormones at Renfield's Corner
Renfield's Corner's free Wednesday night shows are one of the few events cool enough to convince the heavily-tattooed Deep Ellum set to occasionally migrate over to McKinney Avenue for the night. Local punk trio Hormones are playing for an hour-and-a-half, which means they'll have to play lots of songs from their back catalog as well as a few tunes from their upcoming release.

Happy Hour at Steel
As long as you order a couple of drinks, the folks at Steel will keep bringing you as much free sushi as you handle. It's always a good idea to call ahead, though. And, if they're full, it's never too early to put your name on the list for next week either.