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What To Do On Friday, June 1.

What To Do On Friday, June 1.

Do You Realize The Flaming Lips Are At Gexa Tonight?

By Cory on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Whether you prefer musicians of the time-tested, buzzing, insane or offbeat varieties, there's at least one band in town tonight to suit your needs. The biggest show coming to town, of course, is the lineup at Gexa Energy Pavilion, which features the Flaming Lips, St. Vincent, Fitz and the Tantrums, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah among others. Best Coast, David Liebe Hart, and Spyhnx are other fun options. Meanwhile, if you're already concerted out after a couple of strong days for music in a row, there's a burlesque comedy affair going on over at the Lakewood Theater -- although we must admit we don't understand what the big deal is, as there's always lots of laughter any time we take our clothes off in public.

Best Coast at Granada Theater
Last time Best Coast was in town, she played in the pouring rain to a throng of drenched folks at this year's 35 Denton festival, creating an interesting dichotomy with her sunny fuzz pop. There's very little chance you'll need an umbrella for their set inside the Granada tonight.

KXT Summer Cut at Gexa Energy Pavilion
As awesome as public radio station KXT's summer concert lineup is, it is still something of a head-scratcher. Somehow a station that played Deep Blue Something and Rod Stewart during afternoon drive-time earlier this week tapped the perennially hip Flaming Lips to headline their Summer Cut. The same station that decided to call their concert the "Happy Funtime Fest" is somehow the same one that was smart enough to book St. Vincent and Fitz and the Tantrums for the show as well.

Dirty Sexy Funny! A Burlesque Comedy at Lakewood Theater
When we first heard that Dirty Sexy Funny was happening at the Lakewood Theater tonight, we were kind of hoping it was some sort of burlesque tribute to '90s R&B trio TLC. Alas, we've since learned it's actually a show that combines stripping and laughter -- two of our favorite things.

Dave Liebe Hart at Andy's Bar
Depending on who you ask, Dave Liebe Hart is either a man with alien ancestors who turned down the role of Opie's black friend on The Andy Griffith Show and later learned the art of puppetry from Jim Henson himself or he's a Bluetooth-wearing, mentally-challenged individual being held hostage by his punk rock backing band. While the real truth is probably somewhere between these two extremities, his performances are oddly entertaining.

Sphynx at Dada
Last time we saw Austin band Sphynx in town -- oddly enough it was on June 1st of last year at Dada -- we received a text that said, "Wherever you are get here now." The heavily electro-leaning dance-punk trio definitely warranted this kind of prompting, too. Ridiculous spandex outfits, choreographed dance moves, an incredible drummer and a guitarist who had developed a technique in which he yelled directly into his guitar's pickups were all extraordinarily memorable.