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What To Do On Friday, May 11.

What To Do On Friday, May 11.

Check Out The Beautiful People At The Palladium.

By Cory on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 7:30 AM

It's been a hard week. Why don't you take a "you" day? Get nostalgic for a minute with Sergio Garcia's newest Air Jordan-centric exhibition at the Kirk Hopper Fine Art gallery. Or just reminisce about all those Marilyn Manson rumors you totally bought as an impressionable teen. Then make yourself feel good with fun-natured '80s-themed yoga class. And don't forget to do some anti-rain dances so that Darvish-Wilson matchup over in Arlington doesn't get postponed.

Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles Angels at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
An early-season series with the hated division rival Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim always makes for a heated matchup. Even better this time around, though? The probable starters tonight look to be Yu Darvish and CJ Wilson, the pitcher the Rangers let go this past offseason in order to sign the highly-coveted Japanese prospect.

Devin the Dude at Granada Theater
Despite critical acclaim throughout his two decades-long career and notable guest spots alongside artists like Dr. Dre and UGK, Houston's Devin the Dude still doesn't have the huge mainstream name he probably deserves. That's why he's your favorite rapper's favorite rapper."

Social artist's reception at Kirk Hopper Fine Art
What child of the '80s worth his weight in Wheaties doesn't remember Gatorade's infectious "I wanna be like Mike" jingle? How couldn't one? It was, after all, every young boy's personal anthem at the time. And, after pounding sports drinks and still sucking wind on the court, we'd convince ourselves that it's "gotta be the shoes." Those shoes, which not only helped to create the $200 shoe market but also became one of the first pieces of footwear kids had to ask themselves "Are these worth getting shot over?" before purchasing, are the center of Sergio Garcia's latest exhibition at the Kirk Hopper Fine Art gallery (3008 Commerce St.).

'80s Shake Your Asana Night at Yoga Sport
To kick off their five-day-long, eighth anniversary celebration, Yoga Sport (4140 Lemmon Ave.), is holding an '80s-themed "shake your asana" event. More relaxed than their standard classes, attendees are encouraged to don their best '80s wigs and workout attire while '80s tunes are jammed throughout.

Marilyn Manson at Palladium Ballroom
With the benefit of hindsight, it is hard to look back upon Marilyn Manson's rise to popularity during our impressionable pre-teen years when our parents and teachers crammed down our throats the idea that Manson was the most sadistic and evil human ever to exist. We were pretty sure at the time that he probably had Satan's number programmed into his Zack Morris-sized cell phone. Even though the ideas that he would have actually removed one of his eyes with a spoon or removed one of his own ribs to fellatiate himself seem utterly hilarious as adults, we can't help but think fondly about the years' worth of amusement the shock-rocker has provided us.